You Are a Movement Workshop Series

An 8-week Monday evening workshop series for Gentle Revolutionaries, starting on January 30th 2017

Workshops for Gentle Revolutionaries


Want to feel (more) alive with purpose and meaning?

Have a constructive impact on society? Improve your professional and personal life? Then join this series of workshops on essential topics for life, work and the world.


This world needs more changemakers; people who are part of the solution of the big issues in our world and time. For this feeling alive and connected is essential.

For this we’ll look at all kinds of topics in a very fresh way. Topics that are too often undervalued and or ignored in education.

We’ll dive into things like intuition, play, authenticity, creativity & new paradigms. And perhaps the most important one: finding your own answers within yourself.


These evenings are for everyone who resonates with this call! And for everyone caught in the wrong job, not having the time to do Knowmads full time, too old/young to do Knowmads, seeking more like minded spirits, wanting to make a difference, wanting to come alive, seeking purpose. You’re all kindly invited.


★ Deepen your acceptance and understanding of who you are and your (possible) role in this world.
★ Fun and essential life skills, like intuition, courage, play design.
★ Find meaning in life and work. Breaking out of inner and outer boxes.
★ Enlarging your connection with and impact in the world.

The main host of the series is Floris Koot. Floris Koot is one of the co-founders of Knowmads, play engineer and social innovator. Follow him on The Gentle Revolution.

In this series he’ll mix body work, storytelling, dance, play and other methods, creating unique evenings with a blend of
spirituality, personal growth, essential questions & fun. At times he may bring assistance, colleagues or invite guest hosts.

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Practical Info

When: Monday Evenings, 19:30 – 22:00, starting January 30, 2017

Where: Knowmads Business School, Ferdinand Huyckstraat 62, 1061 HW Amsterdam.

Price (incl. VAT):
Reduced: €15,- per night
Professional: €50,- per night (with which you support the development of the lower priced participants).

Payment through Eventbrite.

Language: English.

Series vs Workshop: Every night will be a night on its own. But following the whole series does have added value.


The flow of the workshops.

1. Jan. 30: A New Story

Come discover the hero’s journey and why this storyline might be outdated. Time explore to invent storylines for our day and age. Yes, storytelling night, with a twist.

Evening hosted by Floris Koot.

2. Feb 6: Dance with your shadows

We are essentially creative beings. Yet often we think we are not poets, singers, painters. How to overcome inner shadows and help others with theirs. Prepare to dance.

Evening hosted by Floris Koot.

3. Feb 13: How to make money with your weaknesses?

Every school seems to say: “Focus on your strong points!” “Work on your weak points!” And we say: “Celebrate your weak points and make ‘m shine.” Find out how!

Evening hosted by Floris Koot.

4. Feb 27: How to practice being Unfuckwithable

Everyone has experienced being fucked-over at least once in his life. It sucks seriously. It feels like you’re being a toy of the elements and losing your sense of self determination. This workshop shows ways how to cultivate yourself beyond resilience. Martial arts practices will make you feel how to act from the inner power source and how to benefit from the opponents power. Taking advantage of counter attacks is anti-fragility.

The essence of this workshop are inner and outer martial arts practices. The seasoned, accumulated and seriously tested wisdom of the ancient warriors.

The workshop is conducted by Soo Bosman. She has a 3rd dan (black belt) in Sibpalki, a traditional Korean martial arts. Since 4 years she has been working as a strategist at T-Mobile Netherlands, a large corporate employing 1500 individuals in an hierarchic structure. Applying martial arts practices along with mindfulness and qi-gong exercises have made her ‘unfuckwithable’ among the corporate crowd and their daily struggles with power games, fear, conformism and politics.
This training will apply ancient battlefield wisdom to challenges of humans today.

5. March 13: Intuitive Knowing

In this workshop we dive into the world of divination and intuitive knowing. We’ll discover how to stay grounded when leaving the factual world. We’ll address ways to ‘know’ and get intuitive that work for you. And we’ll play with unleashing the gift, that may be a hoax, yet can really help see issues in a new light and from a different perspective. Co-host next to Floris (Experienced Tarot Reader) will be Anthe de Weerd, who is highly intuitive and an experienced facilitator in diverse fields. NOTE: If you want dinner before, comment then on the call for dinner by Adelya, who cooks great food, for pay what you want price at around 18:30.

6. March 20: Rhetorics

How to build up a convincing argument? How to put yourself to sound reasoning? How to transform your deepest convictions into an invitation to others? This evening will be with and for a small group (max 10) people, who want to work on being sharper, clearer and more inspirational in their storytelling and argumentation.

7. April 3: Swarm Leadership

Swarm is coming. With increasing complexity and chaos comes the need to deal with things differently: introducing Swarm leadership. More and more applications and techniques are arising nowadays, from robotics and social activism, to large group collaboration and new organisational models. Yet, leading in leaderless situations also demands a new mindset. Welcome to the Swarm!

8. April 17: Your song

Tonight I’ll be joined by a great singer/songwriter Coco (Qeaux Qeaux Joans) and we work on making our own song. To find it, we work on liberating the voice to follow/express what comes from within and give it sound and words. For this freedom, vulnerability, courage and authenticity are essential. NB: this evening is not about musical perfection! It’s about you being you in song. Start singing!


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