Work with us

How we work with you to improve education!

Knowmads Business School offers learning and development journeys in leadership and innovation to organizations working towards positive transformation. We co-create modules and transformative journeys in collaboration with our clients.

Our principles when working together:

  • Human Centred
  • Action Orientated
  • Head, Heart & Hands
  • Open & Appreciative Enquiry
  • Power to Choose
  • Unicorn


We believe that every learning journey is a unique experience. We use building blocks to create the framework and within this context we create the freedom to let the process unfold. In other words, you’ll have a tailor-made module to bring into your organization.


Inspiration Days

Take your educational practice to the next level when you pick from keynotes such as “Knowmads – The Metaphor for a Better Society” and “Innovation in a New Guise”. Plus, create new realities for your organization with all sorts of interactive workshops that disrupt all assumptions and tap into your full potential.

Also great for team building! Get to know your team and learn how to work together in an whole new way.


Train the Trainer

Coaching and training in offering your classes in a more Knowmadic way. How to work with self-directed learning? How to put the human front and center in you class? How to cultivate a sense of ownership about learning amongst your students? How to work with more creativity?

We coach teachers and trainers to help them make the jump to more Knowmadic education. For example, we’ve coached De Haagse Hogeschool in launching their first Honours Programme.


Custom Programs

We co-create custom programs for your students. We can focus on different facets of the Knowmads Program like personal leadership, creative thinking, and getting into action.

We start off with the same educational approach we have for our students and then translate that to your students and where they are in their process.

We’ve developed 1-2 week programs for Digital Academia and North West Regional College. Their students visited Knowmads and we hosted them through a entrepreneurial learning journey.

Taking this one step further, we have developed and facilitated entire Knowmadic minors for InHolland (check out the flyer for that program) and the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (both Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences).

Of course we’re happy to think along with you and we always deliver custom-made content. Simply contact us if you want to work together.


Together with PeopleRise we also offer a lot of Knowmadic Consultancy for your organization.

1. Knowmads personal leadership journey

Team programs to explore and align individual, group, and organizational values, transitioning into a collectively-understood collaborative attitude based on courage, play, and freedom to experiment.

2. Discovery of Emerging Practice

Emerging practice is the key to innovation and has the highest long-term survival rate in business practice. Moving out of the ‘best / good practice’ domains towards a way of working that reflects the reality of the unknown future.

Acceptance of the uncontrollable future can lead to a way of working that is more focused on iteration: taking the most recent outcome as input for our next steps, rather than clinging to the original plan despite its increasing irrelevance.

The move towards emerging practice requires a mindset shift in the entire team. We facilitate this process through an experiential module that starts with a two-day co-creative journey that will serve as the basis for your transformation program.

3. Co-created Journeys

We work with our clients to develop tailor-made program for their organizations. This can be around innovation, (personal) leadership, learning, or development.