Why did Elles come to Knowmads?

Why did Elles come to Knowmads?

My name is Elles, I have been rocking this world for twenty-eight years. I quit my PhD in London and came to Knowmads with three questions; Who am I? What talents do I have? In what kind of world do I want to live in?

Who am I?

Elles with a dear antlers
I am an entrepreneur and game designer. I want people to re-experience that sense of bewonderment about the world that children have. To be challenged creatively and feel a sense of fiero- in the gaming industry it means that feeling that people have when they raise their hands and cheer in accomplishment.

Play as a state of mind
The desire to play is a fundamental human trait and a good game motivates people to reach their full potential. A playful mindset empowers people to take greater challenges and find enjoyment in their activities. What if our work could be as much fun as a good game? We can use the same elements that provide us with joy in games to improve the quality of our experience of work and live.

What talents do I have?
I design real-life games and challenges that boost the spirit and communication in teams. One great example of a game like this is the Escape Room Logic Locks . Players get locked up while searching for a golden Lionheart necklace. They can only escape by solving various puzzles of different nature, by triggering hidden mechanisms and unraveling a story line. Escape rooms are hugely entertaining, people exit our room with shiny eyes and veins full of adrenaline. Check this video to see the challenge.

I realised during my Knowmads year that I have a talent for communication, for project management and that my greatest talent is solving a wide range of problems that pop-up on a daily basis, which is quite handy as an entrepreneur. The talent I profited the most from while combining building Logic Locks and doing the business school is perseverance. If I wouldn’t have an enormous quantity of perseverance combined with a strong belief in my projects I wouldn’t have finished building Logic Locks, which is currently the number 1 escape room in Amsterdam.

In what kind of world do I want to live?
I want to live in a playful world, where people work together on mega challenges. I want to live in a world in we can act silly while working on serious issues.

Elles Van Asseldonk – Tribe 9

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