What makes a Knowmad tick? And what makes us Knowmads?
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What makes a Knowmad tick? And what makes us Knowmads?

If you feel a calling towards making a difference and chasing what endlessly fascinates, inspires, and stimulates you to approach problems in creative new ways… Congratulations. You’re already a Knowmad. And a Knowmad at its core is someone who works in a specific way that paves the way for the future (read the blog post here).

This push towards social entrepreneurship, disruption of the status quo, and ‘changemaking’, why is it relevant? How do we navigate it?

In essence, Knowmads are: the link between the baby boomers and the millennials. We navigate times of disruption and systems collapse by seeing the opportunities.

From this, we cultivate a hotbed of social transformation. This is what makes us tick.

  • We speak multiple generational languages to connect the old (still in power) with the new (rising power)
  • We are: Connectors AND Creators
  • We work on centralizing the human: integrating the heart in all things.
  • We work with questions, not answers because nothing is fixed. We live in permanent uncertainty due to rapidly-evolving technology, so to be prepared and flexible, we work with questions.
  • We are always assessing the situation both present and future, seeing what skills might be needed, and then adding those to our repertoires.
  • We don’t know the answers to the questions of tomorrow. We don’t even know what the questions will be.
  • We don’t know the answers to the current disruptions happening in society.

We dare to embrace the only knowledge that is certain: that we cannot know everything.

By embracing this side of yourself, treating it as an asset and wholeheartedly leaning into it, you will find your way in the world. This is how you achieve equilibrium both personally and professionally. It’s the sweet spot where you are doing something that you completely love and are good at, while contributing to the subtle revolution that takes us into the new age. This principle works for the same reason that sustainability is more profitable for businesses.

This is the purpose Knowmads Business School serves for you: as a space to explore the potential inside of you. You get to design your curriculum (choose the 30+ workshops you want to have). You have a coach specially assigned to you to help you on your goals. You launch yourself into whatever project inspires you. Innovation, business design, sustainability, communication skills, project and workshop design; any and all subjects on the forefront of the future, you can choose from (or add something new). When you come to Knowmads, you are given an arsenal of many tools to make a difference. It is up to you how you use them.

Why are we sharing this?

Tribe 19 is now accepting participants for the next program that starts in March. We encourage you to apply ASAP for one of these limited spots. Because it is unique in its kind, Knowmads’ 6-month program tends to fill up quickly. The application process is highly-personalized to see if Knowmads is a good fit for you and vice versa.

Knowmads is an international hub that draws people from all over the world. This past year alone, students from North and South America, Europe, and the Middle East attended. Your Tribe will be highly diverse in character, and as such, full of insights, ideas, and support.

Tribe 19 starts March 4th, 2019. (You can also apply for Tribe 20 which starts in September).

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