Where are they now? Alumna Q van Willigenburg
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Where are they now? Alumna Q van Willigenburg

Quirine van Willigenburg, or Q for short, is nothing less than a success. Since graduating Tribe 14 with a clear sense of where she wants to go, Q has been gradually building up to her own business. Here’s what she has to say about what she loves, how life is after Knowmads, and who she will be helping.

What’s life like after Knowmads?

Life after Knowmads has been a bit chaotic for me; I got a job during the final presentations via my best friend (I quit that the end of the summer), got an other job while at job #1 via LinkedIn, and decided to have coffee with an old friend who later offered me job #3. And all the while I’m setting up my own company and still really notice how tired I am from the transformation I made at Knowmads.

How did you discover your passion?

I’m still discovering my passion: I love hosting/facilitating workshops, events and people. I discovered this mainly during the Power to Flower workshop, but also during a few other opportunities I got to facilitate workshops at and for Knowmads & Logic Locks.

What tools from Knowmads are you incorporating to follow your passion?

I try to use some Deep Democracy, Nonviolent Communication, but the biggest thing is that I try to just look at everything as an exercise, just to try things without fear or judgement.

How are you incorporating your passion into your life? How does it make you feel?

Right now I’m mainly incorporating my passion by slowly starting my business: Co Qreate. With Co Qreate I give pitch and presentation training and workshops, 1-on-1 or in groups. I’m focusing on high school students, university students and startups. And I would love to start coaching as well; I think I’d be someone who could help people declutter their mind and home.

I’m still working on my website, which unfortunately isn’t online yet (bit of a perfectionist over here!). And since I work part-time at B (a big startup & co-working place) at the frontdesk, I’m able to talk to a lot of potential clients. It’s always a lot of fun to talk about it and to tell people that giving a presentation isn’t the scariest thing in the world and how I believe everyone can do it and is worth listening to.

Stay tuned for the launch of Co Qreate!

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