What’s Happening in Cape Town?

What’s Happening in Cape Town?

The Knowmads Cape Town team recently landed back in South Africa to continue their journey in bringing innovative educational programs to the citizens of Cape Town.

Some background info: We ran our first successful pilot program for 20 participants in May of this year. Cape Town Team 1 is a loving, supportive group that continues to help one another and engages in interesting projects.

We came back because of all the love and support we received here. We are passionate about building new connections in Cape Town and we love to see people developing themselves and turning their ideas into reality.

This time we are extending our reach to social enterprise teams to support them in various leadership and entrepreneurial trainings.

Since we arrived on the 13th of October, we have made a festival appearance, run a entrepreneurship workshop at a social enterprise, and hosted an evening event on situational leadership.

Can I just say… Finally… Knowmads is taking a presence at creative festivals. Festivals are a learning hub for creativity, connection, collaboration and co-creation.

Llamaland was an absolutely magical space for these 4 important life skills and the Knowmads LearnSpace was able to enhance these elements by hosting a number of activities and workshops that encouraged participants to get to know themselves and their fellow Llamas more deeply. There was a lot of fun and laughter and many new people were brought together. Maybe there is some inspiration for the Knowmads Amsterdam team to start entering festivals as a place for learning 🙂

Unfortunately our plan to run another longer program in December had to come to an end. We designed and marketed the program in September, but having learnt that we were perhaps asking too much of people’s time and that many people could not commit to joining the program we realized we had not done sufficient research. A big learning all around.  

We have however discovered from this disappointment, that running short evening workshops is very inviting and interesting for people. We are therefore looking into the possibility of a Knowmads membership where you can come to as many workshops as you wish for a monthly membership fee. This way we create a family of lifelong learners who want to develop themselves and their work on a continuous basis.

Would you like to give us your opinion, some input, or some advice about this? Your suggestions are always welcome and we hope to start some invigorating conversations.

Part of the journey of offering alternative education to the world is adapting it to fit those it serves. From the full 6-month program in Amsterdam and the 9-weekend course Hanoi to Autumn School programs in Milan and Knowmads Labs in Berlin, Israel, and Spain, we have found that there is always a way to meet the need for education that empowers, inspires, and transforms. Join the journey as we update you here:

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