The Way of the Fool

The Way of the Fool

NB: This event has happened already. If you’re interested in a second chance to join, contact Floris Koot. Or keep track of this page, a possible future version will be posted here.

We invite you to come and explore authentic leadership. Learn to bring more of your playful self into every situation and make a difference!

Weekend Workshop “The Way of the Fool”

A playful workshop into transformational and inspired leadership.


8/9 April 2017, Knowmads, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Price: Regular ticket: €150 (incl. VAT), €75 Knowmads Current & Alumni, Corporate the-boss-pays-ticket: €250 (excl. VAT)

★ What do we invite you for? ★

You’re invited to a workshop of Playfulness, Curiosity and Personal Leadership. Discover how your intuition and playfulness can help yourself and the organizations you’re part of.

Dive into the present wisdom of your intuition and the presence of your heart to unriddle complexities.

★ What is ‘the Way of the Fool’? ★

The fool experiences life as play. Without worry, joyful and free of judgement by yourself and others, you become a mirror and a help to those around you; you become the wise fool.

We will be looking at the fool in ourselves and exploring different playful styles to connect it to the world. We will explore the powers of your inner fool and how to connect them to leadership issues on a personal and organizational level. Keywords in the way of the fool are compassion, clarity, playfulness and personal freedom.

★ Who is it for? ★

For all those wishing to feel more alive, more free & more helpful at work. For everyone working in complex situations, entangled relationships (at work and at home) who seeks more freedom to act, want to act more innovative and be more helpful to the balance of the whole.

The Way of the Fool has also been taught in corporate settings like Rabobank, BAWAG Bank, Shell and the British National Health Services.

★ Purpose of the workshop ★

  • (Re)connect to your essential state of creative being and act from it.
  • Develop more guts to be more honest, more pure, more you.
  • Celebrate the beauty of life, with ourselves and others
  • Discover the power of play, flip thinking and crazy wisdom.
  • Getting to know and embracing your inner fool.
  • the role of the fool as a situational instrument and in leadership.

★ What will we work on? ★

After this workshop, normal is not so normal any more. You’ll see possibilities everywhere to make changes or interventions. Life has become more playful and more full of possibility to give more, deeper meaning to what you do.

★ Methods ★

During the workshop you may be challenged with playing, dialogue, bodywork, myth, visualisation, dance, storytelling, humour, rituals, situational role play, chaos and paradox.

NB: Bring clothes and footwear to move in.

★ Rough Program Outline ★

☆ Welcome and warm up with essential principles
☆ Liberating the inner fool.
☆ The operational fool within the system
☆ Working with Intuitive Wisdom
☆ A surprise ending

Practical Info

Date & Time: 8-9 April, 10am-18pm
Location: Knowmads Business School, Ferdinand Huyckstraat 62, 1061 HW, Amsterdam
– Regular ticket: €150 (incl. VAT),
– Knowmads Current & Alumni: €75 (incl. VAT)
– Corporate the-boss-pays-ticket: €250 (excl. VAT)
– For people without a stable income, a reduction can be negotiated.
Lunch and materials included
Language: English


floris1Floris Koot (1958) is a play engineer, social activist, trainer and educational innovator. He had more than 10 different creative jobs, (a.o. illustrator, event designer & actor). Since 2001 he focuses on social change for people and organizations. He co-founded a revolutionary school (Knowmads), developed a sport that breaks all the conventions (Switchball) and invented a piano method (learn to play freely in 15 minutes)! He trains and facilitates innovative processes. He keeps a blog called The Gentle Revolution on medium. He has worked with the fools archetype for over 15 years.
★ What people said about Floris ★

“Floris Workshop was a bit strange, great fun and after it, we discovered everything in our life and work had become easier.” Managers from the IB-group, a huge semi-government organization. (NL)

“Connective jesterlike man, who opens eyes and hearts, sucker for truth.” Anonymous (Ireland)

“Haha! You always speak in such a unique way to the essence, Floris! ;-)” Maria Bakari (Greece)

“Are you ready for some genuine action, change and advancement? Meet Floris to get ‘out of the box!” Bregje Paulussen. (NL)

“Great and inspiring guy. Hire him to help you or you company get to the next level!” Daniel Reisman (Knowmads)

“Gorgeous gentle dancer of opportunities and player with what wants to be created!!! MAN you rock!” Barbara Straif (Austria)

★ Background ★

The fool plays a very special role in many cultures. Buddhism knows crazy wisdom and enlightened fools. Native American cultures have their trickster figures and sacred clowns. The Sufis of Islam are famous for their crazy madman of God. The West had fools festivals and holy fools like saint Simon. Their role is that of a healing power that brings lightness and change in frozen situations. They are connected to chaos and mischief. They show truth outside common accepted beliefs. They are the playful masters of the here & now.
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