I want to share with you a post about Knowmads spirit…

I want to share with you a post about Knowmads spirit…

I want to share with you a post about Knowmads spirit… This reflection arose spontaneously in me during a mail conversation with fellow Knowmad Johannes. And I realized I wanted to share it with our whole community.

While my main purpose is to just express myself wholeheartedly, I hope it also has a spin-off effect of bringing you love, understanding, connection, and more of those warm fuzzy feelings. If not, well, at least I expressed myself haha.

This post is dedicated to my beloved Knowmads Tribe 6, to Monique, and to all the other lovely Knowmads, regardless of whether I know them or not, regardless of whether I see them often or not, and regardless of whether I mention them by name in this post, or not.
The connection is anyways there, right?

On Knowmads Spirit (and, an expression of love)

“Dear Johannes, your email reminds me of last saturday, when T6 had a tribal check in on skype with whoever wanted to be there from our tribe.

These moments, whether they are emails, check ins, conversations, or the way we run our businesses and projects, are for me the major power/outcome/strength of our Knowmadic education. It creates a bond that allows us all to connect from a place of openness and truth at any moment. Meanwhile, when listening and expressing, we accept that we are all just exploring our paths. We can share our thoughts and joys and concerns, without feeling judged or ‘pinned’ on them (as if what we say should be our opinion or perspective into eternity).

When we connect, we give each other a sneak peak at/into the point we are in right now in our lives, in our minds, in our business practices and in our hearts, while looking forward with curiosity to what we will share and hear the next time we connect. And, very importantly, we connect only when it makes sense to us, following the flow of our lives and our needs.

Regardless of the state of the school (chaos, clarity, love, hate, will it survive or not?, I don’t care! I do care! bla bla, blabla), our tribal year provides a basic source of human connection and expression. Moreover, it brings us in touch with an ever existing spirit of truth, that nurtures us when we want to express ourselves with honesty and integrity. And this spirit of truth finds it’s ground in our Knowmadic Gene. This is how our education has wired us.

So yes, I feel very thankful to have this connection with you, and thankful that this small email encounter with Johannes inspired this reflection and post. With that, for now I will only say I look forward to meeting you and other Knowmads again. That is, once the flow brings us to that place. ^^

(did I just write that last sentence, yes I did)


With Love,
From Wieneke,
Who is currently still passionately enjoying, exploring
and creating together with GoWoon Lim at DO LOVE DESIGN

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  1. Floris Koot

    Lovely! And more over a great advice to all other tribes out there, to use the connection, language to self develop further with like minded understanding spirits near (skype).

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