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Are Values Key to New Ways of Organizing?
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Are Values Key to New Ways of Organizing?

Jelle Disseldorp & Ilan Siebert

Het grote Nieuw Organiseren Event 2015 event in Den Haag finally happened. More than 100 people from all over the Netherlands came to learn and exchange knowledge on how to improve professional life through self-organization. What we, Ilan and Jelle (two Knowmads students) heard the whole day was the buzzword: values.

The event was organized by, which is a platform that reports about new ways of organizing. They inform and connect initiatives and organizations with a humanistic approach. Organizations where not only the management decides what happens, but where there is also space for initiatives from everybody in the organization.

The organizers of this initiative feel that the time has come for new ways of organizing, because the old tayloristic hierarchical companies hit their boundaries. We as Knowmads students recognize these feelings and that’s why we really wanted to join the event. A lot of companies have trouble to innovate in a proper way and employees and the customers don’t feel recognized by these traditional companies.

the audiotorium

The auditorium at “De Nieuwe Regentes”


We visited a couple of interesting workshops at the event and we picked two to elaborate on. The first workshop we participated in was: Eenvoud in Projecten (Simplicity in Projects) offered by Frank Fondse from Finext.

Where he talked about how Finext, a finance consultancy company that works with self-organized teams, is working from a Spinoza value-perspective instead of relying too much on Socrates and his logic. The past decennia they learned at Finext that you can never precisely predict and plan how projects will go in real life.

According to Frank Fondse:We have to accept that the reality is too complex to predict.” So instead of making the perfect plan, Finext focuses on values in project management. You can’t look in the future, but values makes the best skeleton to work together.

First Aid For Organizing

The second workshop we visited was called Eerste Hulp Bij Organiseren (First Aid For Organizing) by Ben Kuiken (the initiator of the event) en Marijne Vos. Here the focus was also on the values of the people in the company. We did an interesting exercise where we had to write down the values you are looking for in a job. With these values on a paper you had to walk around to the workshop room and find people with similar values.

What we saw and experienced at this workshop, as at our Knowmads Business school, that shared values is what people long for and that it is the basis for effective human collaboration in organizations. It is important to get clear Why we want and do things and then the How will follow. When you clearly now why a person works on a project it makes it so much easier to collaborate together.

Award Ceremony

The big competition between self-organized health care companies was diversified by the two organizations Mijn School and Kesselaar. Kesselaar is a construction company, which has been in the media a lot and also won some prices due to the way they organize.

But the winner was Mijn School. A school based in Harderwijk that offers students who dropped out of classical education a second chance. Since there are so many reasons why people don’t succeed in the normal education Mijn School offers a holistic frame for those who had a hard time concerning their individual habits and environment. As students at the alternative business school Knowmads we were happy that an other education institute won the Finext Nieuw Organiseren Price 2015

Besides the self-organized education the students also get coached to figure out what they want to do with their life’s. Without having the obligation to be present or to pass tests. Their success shows how important it is to have more holistic and self-organized organizations – not only in the business world.



The Winners

For us Het Grote Nieuw Organiseren Event was super interesting to experience. A lot of things were quite normal for students from a self-organized alternative business school. But we got new insights about where companies are struggling with and we hope to compete in the competition in the near future with our own company ;).

Thank you Ben Kuiken and of course everybody else that helped organize the event!

Are you interested in the different workshops that were offered? Take a look at the whole program here.

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Ilan Siebert & Jelle Disseldorp

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