The education and society of choice

The education and society of choice

I believe in an education of choice. One where we question ideals imposed, and seek to answer the questions we have. Education can be draconian, it can be meaningless for the masses, yet also allowing many to shine. Well, why can’t we all shine? At least a majority if not a minority? Education is chosen by those above, those who have ‘been there, and done that …’ Why not an education based on those who are doing it right now! That is the education of the future I believe in. One, where one is free to choose math or business, painting or carpentry, electronics or bio-molecular chemistry. The only constraint, one has to choose something! That would be a beautiful education. It could herald a new world; a one of choice, whereby we as individuals are masters of our destiny.

What would that world look like? A society and economy where people choose what they want. Whether to put petrol in their car, be vegetarian, or work 5 days a week. I believe currently we are not masters of choice. We buy what supermarkets choose to provide us, we consume products that consume us, and we work jobs, hours, salaries that are chosen for us. Would you choose a four day working week? Well there are companies now choosing that because it is more efficient, (hence profitable.) Would you choose from a broad range of local foods and goods? Because it benefits more people, who are closer to you and not big organisations that are not close to us. I believe we as a society sold our ability to choose. We can easily get it back, and one does not need a new education, just a different mindset.

It sounds like a beautiful world. Some may call it impossible, yet the choice is happening and growing. It starts with one simple statement:

I want to choose myself.


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