Storytelling Masterclass

by Simon Hodges

This full-day workshop at Knowmads Business School will turn you into a brilliant business storyteller. We will share with you a transformative approach for storytelling for business, and then apply this to your own personal entrepreneurship story.

The workshop will support you in identifying the key themes that inspire and deeply guide you. You will be able to communicate these clearly through stories and use them to build a business that speaks to what is most important in you.

‘There is no path to story, the way itself is story’

In the process you will be constantly storytelling, increasing your ease, skills and confidence in the art. We look at how greater degrees of emotion and imagination can be used precisely to get the effect you want. As insights arise through the stories, you will learn how to synthesise a broader narrative of your life – a key element of your business story.

Your instructor

Simon Hodges is a professional storyteller and founder of Words That Change. He has been working in business storytelling for the last seven years, weaving storytelling techniques into pragmatic guidance for business. His unique approach has won him audiences at Philips Innovation Group, ING, Triodos Bank, Circle Economy and Impact Hub Amsterdam as well as over 4000 professionals and entrepreneurs throughout Europe. He is a story coach for speakers at TEDxAmsterdam.

Fee for the workshop

€50 for students & Knowmads alumni,
€100 for freelancers & social entrepreneurs,
€250 corporate.
Fee includes coffee breaks and healthy lunch, exclude VAT.

Ready to join and improve your storytelling?



Recent feedbacks

Jordan Junge, Programmes and Projects Manager, Social Innovation Exchange
“I really enjoyed your final session [at E-motive conference with 150 participants]! Within a few minutes I had shared my joy, sadness, doubts, and fears with a complete stranger and (without going over the top) made a few life affirmations. All this before I even knew his name or his organisation. Needless to say – it was one of my favourite endings ever to a conference.”

Arjanna van der Plaats, Communications Manager at Circle Economy:
“Simon is a born storyteller and trainer. His deep passion for the power of stories is contagious, and enables him to turn even the most reluctant trainee in an engaging storyteller. Not only did his approach lead to very concrete inspiring stories, it also allowed us to get to know each other on a deeper level – and have tons of fun!!!”

Tara Philips, speaker coach co-ordinator at TEDxAmsterdam:
“Simon is our storytelling star at TEDxAmsterdam. An accomplished, captivating storyteller himself – Simon has the enviable skill of bringing the best stories out in others. Which, in turn, has a powerful impact with the audience. With stories being at the heart of a TED(x) talks, Simon is a valuable member of the speech coaching team.”