Spotlight on Elles

Spotlight on Elles

Meet Elles.

Elles is from tribe 9.

Her brother and her lover is called Alexander.

No, she’s not from West Virginia.

You pronounce Elles almost like Alice therefore she’s from what country?

Well, that’s enough with the barely riddles. It’s not my expertise. But I know you have now concluded who is.


Actually also Alexander and Alexander.

Puzzles, riddles, games, thrills, and mystery solving are what they’re mad about. So mad in fact that they’ve taken over the Knowmads basement and are building one of Amsterdam’s first escape rooms. If you’ve been at Knowmads within the last month and half you’ve probably heard the power tools from the depths of the Amsterdam underground as you practiced zen and the art of Knowmadic maintenance.

Elles, Alex, and Sander have been putting in 60 hour work weeks in the basement as they try to hit their target of opening their business in July. The clan has formed a business calledLogic Locks. But wait, what the heck is an escape room and are they allowed to take over the school’s basement?

Inspired by the first of its kind in Budapest, Elles and the two Alexanders decided to build their own game experience. This is what happens in an escape room, well, their escape room, according to Elles.

riding zebra

You are part of a team which – like happy bastard children of detective-archaeologists – you have to gather clues, combine information and trigger hidden mechanisms to unveil the underlying mystery. Without being afraid to touch things, you interact with all the objects in the room, make a delightful mess and use your imagination to lay bare its dark secrets. However, success can only be seduced and attained by working together to profit from each other’s strengths and insights. Logic Locks pays close attention to the atmosphere, narrative and design of the puzzles. It promises to be a great thrill for people that are playful, curious, and like a challenge.


Ok Elles and just how are you able to take over the school’s basement?

Well the team of Logic Locks pitched their business proposal to the students and council of Knowmads. Part of the proposition was that anyone could hop on the Logic Locks team. The other part was already built into the givens of the basement. Students from the past had other business ideas with the basement but Elles was the first to have the burning desire to take action and make her dream happen. Money and time investments, a team, family support, Knowmads cheering.

Things just magically fall into place because of determination.

What else has fallen nicely? How about the best floor in all of Knowmads. Yep, you can find it in the basement.

Curious? Do you have two hands? Do you want to get a sneak peak of the El Bulli of escape rooms? Looking to learn about business and make some great friends along the way? Contact Elles, especially if you have some construction, electronics, or interior design experience.

If you want the mystery and challenge of experiencing the escape room with your favorite group of friends, then sign up for Logic Locks newsletter. They’ll keep you up-to-date on a special Knowmads Friends opening offer!

Skip the movie mystery this summer, come to Logic Locks in the Knowmads basement in July and experience your own summer blockbuster.


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