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The second round at KMHQ by Quirine Tribe 14

After a week of a well deserved Autumn break, we all hopped back on to the rollercoaster called Know mads.

Week 1: On Monday we set up some Tribal guidelines, to see if these could get us all back on track. Then on Tuesday & Wednesday there was a workshop ‘Strategic Sustainability’ by Maaike and Atanas, which sadly enough I found disappointing. I expected to get inspired with new ideas and thoughts on the subject, but unfortunately I already knew about most things. It was however fun to do the ABCD-process with Edwina on her project about students from Sint Maarten. Thursday we did project time with Tijmen, where Tijmen really got me thinking about my project and I met up with Annabel.

Week 2: This was a crowded week at KMHQ! Next to the tribe and staff, there were students from Italy in the stageroom for the whole week. However our Monday stayed Holy, meaning we spoke about what ever was keeping us busy and what we wanted to learn during our time at Knowmads. On Tuesday we co-created the program, figured out which workshops we still would love to get and try to fit them into the program. And Martin Cadee came over to explain more about the upcoming Nature Quest. Plus he answered all our questions and got most of our fears or doubts about the Quest away. Wednesday was NVC day 2, a really mea- ningful day were we talked about empathic listening and our ways of responding to people. This is where I had one of my eye-openers; I don’t always have to listen to my jackals, I can acknowledge them and let them bark as puppies. Without giving them to much of a thought.

Wednesday night we had the first open night, which was really cool, we did a little workshop with the people who joined us and had some drinks.
That Friday we sat down to watch ‘Before the Flood’ together and got inspired to consume less palm oil and eat more veggies.

Playing Fussball with Nico after a long day working

Week 3 & 4: Tribe project! Two weeks of complete freedom to do a project about whatever we want. OH Cool! I hear you think.
In hindsight I can say it was a good learning school for me. But during I wanted to hit almost all of my tribe members. Our project was about connection and the one thing that bothered all of us most, is the disconnection we felt within the tribe. We didn’t connect, because not all of us were in it, we didn’t communicate clearly and some of us got lost.

We came together again by doing a karaoke night at KMHQ, where we had some drinks and sung our guts out to Grease and other karaoke classics.

Right after these two weeks, there was a really windy and rainy Sunday. As I was walking home with my groceries I passed a scooter which fell down and someones belongings were laying on the wet ground. I picked them up and walked over to the snackbar with the idea that the owner of the snackbar could watch the stuff so they would not get stolen. So I opened the door with my hands full and asked if I could leave it there, right away he answered ‘No! I don’t want that stuff in my store, it’s belongs to our upstair neighbors. I don’t want it.’ Confused and feeling slept in the face, I asked why he didn’t want to help out. But he just gave me an angry look and told me to go put it back outside. Being so busy with connection and kindness the last two weeks I couldn’t understand that there are people who don’t want to be kind to others or maybe he had an other reason, had I been living in a bubble? Is it really impossible to change the world by being kind to one another?

So 4 more weeks to go till Christmas break.

Week 5: A Holy Monday, everyone of us skyped with Tsila before Nature Quest and two full days of bodywork with Floris. Who really got us out of our comfort zones by making us do crazy dances and finding our karate characters (mine was ‘Moppie, the crazy cat’, obviously inspired by my own cat). And an exercise where we came up with a question about life and another exercise with writing a poem. I can only say that all of our poems made sense once we knew where Floris was going with them.

Week 6: Yet another Holy Monday, where we revised our tribal guidelines and made a list of Tribal Wisdom. I gave my very first pitching workshop, which was awesome. Definitely on the right path with this!

And then…. NATURE QUEST… 24 hours solo in nature, in december.. So fucking cold! And I was so bored, I couldn’t get over myself, but I managed to stay awake until 21.00 pm. And I slept outside! Boy, was I glad when it finally ended. And boy, was I glad when we were finally in the car back home. I was so done with reflection, circle time. With the ‘group therapy’ feeling. I just wanted to hang out with friends and talk about superficial things.

Week 7: Some real good cleaning, practicalities. Making a timeline with Guus about the last three months. Tuesday was part 1 of the pitching workshop with Opa Henk, which was awesome! Learned a lot about how to use your voice and how to use slow pacing in your speech. Tomorrow we will continue with Opa Henk and co-create the program.

Week 8: Half term presentations… O my god.. so close! I have an idea, but I’ll write a blog post about the half term

Written by: Quirine van Willigenburg Tribe 14, read more on her blog here

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