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Welcome Home!

Need a space for your event?

Come to Knowmads! Our school is used intensely for personal development, for creative thinking and working on projects. And you can feel that! The place oozes this creative energy and makes you feel right at home.

On the days that our students are out and about working on projects or simply need a little breather from all the learning, we love offering our space to other inspiring initiatives.

Our space has three rooms; One kitchen and social area of 50m2, one workshop room of 50m2 and one we call the stage room (since it has a stage, a unicorn and screen for a beamer) of 60m2. By opening up our batman bookshelves, we can create one big space out of the workshop room and stage room of 110m2.

We can cater for lunch or dinner with delicious vegetarian meals. We have all the usual audio/visual equipment.

For more info get in touch with Guus Wink via