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I love this word “re-member” that enables to re-live an experience again when we chose to.
so now I re-member my last visit at Knowmads (4.2-17.2)

tribe 5
saying goodbye to people that I let into my heart
sadness with satisfaction of what we have achieved together
thank you for the trust and for showing your vulnerability to me and to each other
go out there and touch people’s heart
create a life aiming for your highest good
it will then be good for all
and…stay in touch here as well
cannot grasp the fact that you will not be here when I come next time
love you

tribe 6
I believe that this is a time of turmoil, energies are scattered, each one wishes to have it his way, some forcing their way, either through anger or through sharp rational reasoning,some are disappointed at themselves of not being able to influence, to have an effect, some don’t care so much and go with a flow,and more
decision time…that is how I see it
a personal decision of what do I chose for my relationship with the “ tribe”, what is the value of a “circle”, how do I understand “circle”, do I jump in, can i see the benefits of diversity, do I chose to challenge me listening skills, my co-creation abilities

becoming a tribe, take ownership on how I act within the tribe, introducing love into the conversation

tribe 7
sharing what we are good at already and realised that there are many good assets in the group: cooking,preparing salads,organizing a party or an event, having fun, bringing the right music, computer skills, designing a structured process, languages and more and more
then we asked what do I need in order to invite chaos,stay in it , befriend with it so best process and results could happen
we created a tool box, for each one to pick at time of “chaos emergency”
taking care of food, sleep, creating just enough order in the house, on my computer, music, nature, physical activity, sharing with my friends where I am, and more
then we talked about “why people are considering acknowledgement from the outside more valid and important then the appreciation coming from within”
*becoming dependent on outside validation
*what can i do to change this addiction
*using the circle as an opportunity for growth
*become familiar with a personal process

and Marco will teach us about Humor, irony, cynicism and sarcasm…
Would love to go on working with you
see u next time

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