Quirine: a recap of our first month and a half at Knowmads
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Quirine: a recap of our first month and a half at Knowmads

As I already wrote in my first blog; the first month flew by, at such a high speed that I didn’t find the time to write about the other weeks. But Autumn break arrived and now I finally have the time to catch my breath and overthink the last weeks. I’ll do a recap of what happened during our first month and a half at Knowmads.

Week one: Welcome Home Week. I’ve already wrote about this in my first blogpost. You can read all about it here.

Working with Annabel and the Tribe

Working with Annabel and the Tribe

On to Week two: We had our first Holy Monday with Annabel, one day with Tsila and the rest of the week was Art of Hosting. I don’t remember much about this week and during the week I didn’t really write anything interesting either. I just remember it being an exceptional HOT week and going to the recordings of College Tour where I got to ask Reed Hastings (CEO Netflix) who he would have as a dinner guest and why. And I got to tell the audience about people who are eating in front of a camera and who are actually making money doing that. Definitely a memorable moment as I was the only one out of 600 students there who knew about this strange fact.

Week three: Our second Holy Monday, were we did some free writing for 45 minutes, started on our 100 thing to be, to do and to have. And got of topic a bunch of times.
On Tuesday and Wednesday we did workshops with Guus: starting with the Power to Flower which was very helpful and insightful for me. Thinking under pressure, given 20 minutes for each topic really got me out of my perfectionist way of thinking. I just had to write and draw without overthinking things, there was no right or wrong. This ended up in a project that I’d really love to do for a living, I’ll tell you more about it when it has some more shape.
Following with Wednesday where we did the Paperclip Challenge. You’ve probably heard about it, but for those who haven’t: you get a paperclip and you try to trade it into something with more value. It was very interesting to see how the groups both interpreted the challenge in a completely different way and to see the results. The next Thursday morning I got on a plane to Marrakech with my sorority M.I.N.C.X. to celebrate the 5 years of our existence. A long weekend out of my Knowmads bubble.

Relaxing with some Tribe Members after a busy week

Relaxing with some Tribe Members after a busy week

Week four: That Monday night I flew back from Marrakech. Back at Knowmads on Tuesday we did Holy Monday pt.II & coaching: trying to find the right person to guide us with our journey at Knowmads. Someone who is willing to listen to your adventures or thoughts.
Wednesday we did a Non Violent Communication workshop with Loes Berkhout. Which was SO insightful! Learning about how we all have ‘Jackal thoughts’. Thoughts that tell us we should do something or comparing, judging or blaming thoughts. About yourself and about others and how they limit us in feeling what we really need. NVC is definitely something I want to learn more about!
On Thursday: Guus and I were at Knowledge Mile Radio to talk about Knowmads. You can listen to the clip here.
And on Friday: we cleaned the Garden as a tribe project with a very tangible result: a garden ready to prepare for winter!

Week five: An other Holy Monday, Switch Ball with Floris (a fun game I still don’t understand), Final Presentations and Graduation Party <- our first official Tribe project. This was such an INTENSE week! Pffffiiew…. Getting a glimpse into the learnings and journeys of Tribes 12 & 13, each done in their own unique way. Writing love letters to them, all little personal messages. And ending the week with a banging closing party we organized as a Tribe. Having great food, a fantastic vibe and awesome people and music on which we danced the night away.

Week six: My birthday! Spend the Monday morning cleaning up after the party and did the necessary party evaluation. Tuesday and Wednesday were filled with workshops by Tracy; true colors and everyday creativity. Excellent timing, after doing the true colors workshop we all understood each other and our way of working much better! Great to take this with us for our next Tribe project. I also found a coach in Oscar and celebrated my birthday with family and friends. Best birthday in years! Felt so loved and got very spoiled!

And now autumn break, a time to catch our breaths again, think about the last few weeks, try to relax. For me that means; binge watching the shows that I missed out on the last few weeks, listening to music, reading, hanging out with friends and sleep.. lots of sleep. Oh and doing laundry and other overdue chores.

Written by: Quirine van Willigenburg Tribe 14, read more on her blog here

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