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Why You Need Purpose & How to Find It

“Knowing your why is an important first step in figuring out how to achieve the goals that excite you and create a life you enjoy living (versus merely surviving!). Indeed, only when you know your ‘why’ will you find the courage to take the risks needed to get ahead, stay motivated when the chips are down, and move your life onto an entirely new, more challenging, and more rewarding trajectory.”

– Margie Warrell, author of Brave

It rings true, doesn’t it?

You need a purpose because without it, you have no direction. You are aimlessly throwing your hard work behind something that has no clear future outcome, no distinguishable benefit in the long run.

And if it’s not clear whether or not it will serve you, the world, or anyone else, what are you serving?? Your effort goes into a black hole of not-knowing. Scary, right?

But this stage is needed, just to try out many paths and see what is right for you. In the process of doing many things, you refine your vision of what it is you actually do want. It becomes that much more specific. Then you are smarter and more strategic with pursuing it the next time around.

The danger is when you get stuck in this rut of doing something that doesn’t serve your long-term goals or a greater vision, and you settle there because it’s comfortable.

No doubt you’ve heard P.T. Barnum’s famous “comfort is the enemy of progress”.

It pays the bills. It buys you time to cultivate what you love on the side. All perfectly logical reasons to stay there.

But slowly it will start to consume you, draining of you of your energy to work on what really matters. It drains you because it’s not utilizing your full potential, or it’s not in alignment with your values or who you are as a person. It doesn’t answer your why. 

With that dangerous lack of energy, what you love gets placed on a special shelf in the attic of time: tomorrow. Maybe I’ll clean the attic tomorrow. Soon after many years you forget what was in the attic at all. Something is haunting you, calling to you, but you’re not sure what it is. It’s buried too deep.

So you need some help, some assistance, or maybe a giant shove, to propel you through that door up into the attic. And then a guided process to show you where to begin your dig for purpose. As drastic as it sounds, once you have this, in a relatively short amount of time you can restructure your whole life around it (after all, you’ll be getting a huge influx of energy by reconnecting to yourself).

A Needed Catalyst for Purpose

Everything we offer at Knowmads is intended to give you that first push, and the clarity to see what your plan of action must be. You will find your why. Take a look at our varying length programs that address everything from personal discovery and communication to social entrepreneurship and leadership.


*Free Insight Nights* – 30 spaces

We are trying something new: Our Insight Nights. You will walk away with electrifying insights about yourself, career, and life path. Free evening workshops (sign up here) around several topics that will be announced closer to the date:

  • Purpose & Direction
  • Starting Up a Project
  • Values
  • Developing Ideas
  • Connecting with yourself and others

*A Day at Knowmads* < 20 spaces

A Day at Knowmads distills the most essential parts of the program into an unforgettable one-day Knowmads experience. Perfect for if you’re thinking of joining Tribe 18.

The program is designed around the regular program’s five main questions:

  • Who am I?
  • In what world do I want to live?
  • What do I want to contribute/change?
  • How do I create the organization/project to get it done?
  • How do I bring it into the world?

Less than 20 tickets available – Get yours here.


*Knowmads Summer School July 2018 – Amsterdam* – 20 spaces

Knowmads’ highly-sought after Summer Program is back. Come to sunny beautiful Amsterdam for five days of intense personal learning guided through three main questions.

  1. Who am I?
  2. What is my story?
  3. What do I want to put into the world?

By the end of the week, you will have a clear(er) idea of your unique needs, wants, and demands, with a plan of how to satisfy them and create the world you want with action learning tools.

*Full 6-Month Program* – 20 spaces

Of course, nothing is quite so powerful as the full program. Six months of intensive immersion: The first half focusing on personal development, and the second half focusing on changemaking. For the program framework, go here. Request an application here.

  • Who am I?
    Personal Development
  • In what world do I want to live?
    Sustainability & Social Innovation
  • What do I want to contribute/change?
    Personal Leadership
  • How do I create the organisation/project to get it done?
    Entrepreneurship & New Business Design
  • How do I bring it into the world?
    Marketing & Creativity

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