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What Projects Become

Projects are some of the basic building blocks of the Knowmads program. They are vehicles and invitations to explore what is interesting to you, to find out gaps in your skills and how to fill them. They strive to create a positive difference in the world with a concept or process never done before.

And interesting things often grow out of the seeds planted during your Knowmads time.

As part of the 6-month program, you do a 2-week Tribe project with your Tribe-members and a longer personal project of your own.

As you embark on your project, you will be buoyed by training on the entire process of executing a project and working with a team, and a personally-assigned coach will help you realize personal, professional, and project goals.

Given all the tools to make it happen, the only limits are in your own mind.

See what past Tribe members have made happen:

Tribe 14 launched the #iamconnected movement with @ConnectAmsterdam

projectsTribes 14 & 15 share their personal projects!

 Sometimes it’s not a physical project that ends up making an impact, but the exploration and knowledge of your next steps that does.

Lucas Dols (Tribe 8) started his foundation Sounds of Change after Knowmads: “We train people to integrate music as an empowering and enabling tool in their work with children in (post) conflict areas.” Read the full blog post here.

During Knowmads, Ana Barona (Tribe 11) found theater as the best way to stretch communication and work towards social transformation. So after Knowmads, she began working for PLEK, which uses theater to enable communities to overcome undesirable situations. Read the full blog post here.

Duy Vu Dinh (Tribe 4) started his freelance business in video making and photography during the program, and after a few years of experimentation in other careers, jumped to becoming a full-time wedding photographer with VUDINH PHOTOGRAPHY. Read the full blog post here.

See more on our blog for an abundance of these stories!

The last chance to apply for our 6-month program is this Monday, August 6th. Go here to set things in motion for your new life!

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