We educate changemakers

why & how we work


Entrepreneurship is a great way of achieving your dream. At Knowmads we start with that dream, your (business) plans follow from what you know, feedback from your network, based on how you like to do things. One of the tools we use for this is the StartUp Wheel, an organic approach towards starting a business.

Personal leadership

For everyone who wants to make a difference in the world, you will discover that change starts from within yourself. This is a journey of letting go of your fears, finding the power inside of you and taking responsibility for yourself. During the year there is a strong focus on guiding you and your team through this process.

Social Innovation and Sustainability

During your year at Knowmads you come across many people who are devoting their lives to social innovation and or sustainability. Our program focuses both on current problems in society and environment, and on the solutions and heroes that are out there working on it. We look forward to hear your ideas for change.

Project Design

With any idea or dream that you want to realize you will meet similar challenges. During the year there are different workshops that deal with these challenges. You will learn how to develop your own tools to help take your project to the next level. There is ample opportunity to apply your skills on assignments and your own projects.

Process Design

In order to make a difference in a group of people, a company or just an individual, you will need not only the right facilitation tools. Creating change requires a deeper understanding of groups, decision-making, diversity. Through reflection on your learning and working in a team your understanding will grow.

Marketing & Creativity

Once you have an idea for a project or company, there are many different ways of bringing it into the world. Sometimes it helps to whisper it to friends, make a viral or use social media. Different marketers come to share ideas about their work, we help you apply it to your case and learn from the experience.


A typical week here will include 1 or 2 workshops focusing on (but not limited to) the topics listed above. If you’re curious to read about some of the workshops that we’ve offered in the past, have a look at this pdf file.