We educate changemakers


Knowmads is a one-year program with a new tribe starting every August and February.

As a student you will be full-time involved with workshops, assignments, group work and coaching. Your tuition fee for one year is €6950. After the first year there are different possibilities to remain involved with Knowmads.

Our aim is to educate young creative entrepreneurial spirits. We believe it is our job to enable, facilitate, empower and inspire our students to become change makers.
As Knowmads is an independent school we don’t have to stick to rules or bureaucracy. We create our own program according to the assignments. We bring people in with the content and tools that help you in your work.

Personal and business development

Underlying the whole year are four basic questions:

  1. In what world do we (want to) live? (Sustainability & Social Innovation)
  2. What do I want to contribute/change? (Personal Leadership)
  3. How do I create the organisation to get it done? (Entrepreneurship & New Business Design)
  4. How do I bring it into the world?? (Marketing & Creativity)

Students develop individually, with their own learning curve and questions. At the end of the year every student gives a presentation based on these four questions. Instead of exams we talk, listen and give our students feedback on their personal development.

A reoccurring week in the year is the Nature Quest, which every team decides upon together and if so, partly fund it.

Team learning

Intense working and learning in a team is a distinctive characteristic of Knowmads. Your team members are the people that you will learn from and with. Your team is a safe place to practice your facilitation skills, develop your personal leadership, learn about group dynamics and much more.