Over The Moon

Learning Experiences for Organisations, Festivals and Education

At Over The Moon Amsterdam we have the mission to enable people to live and work with more well-being and happiness. We believe that people that feel good make the world better. They are more helpful and generous, cope better with adversity, deal better with stress, get sick less often and have a positive influence on their loved ones.

Especially at work ‘feeling good’ has a huge ripple effect: less absenteeism, less employee turnover, higher productivity, higher customer satisfaction and higher customer loyalty. It literally safes a lot of money that can be spent more effectively. It is a win-win-win situation. And that’s why we made it our task to skill people in a fun and modern way to feel good at work.

We do this with programs that focus on developing purpose, resilience and collaboration skills, the pillars for a happy life. We offer trainings and process facilitation for corporates and educational institutions as well as pop-up experiences for festivals and events.

For more information visit www.overthemoon-amsterdam.nl
Or contact rena@overthemoon-amsterdam.nl; +31 6 45 06 1998