Meaningful Meetings

Make your Meetings Meaningful

Started by Neža Krek.

Meetings are like cars …
Do you own a car? If you do, I imagine its value goes beyond its price: it brings you from A to B, it offers you freedom of mobility and it helps you get things done quickly – many times in good company with your favourite music on the radio.

Now let’s for a moment think of meetings as the main means of transportation for your business. Meetings are the vehicle of your company’s progress, cross section of communication, breeding ground for innovation. And yet, many times we treat them worse than out 3rd-hand cars.

Many times organisations take meetings totally for granted. They don’t check up if the structure is still working for them, they don’t take it to an expert for a check up, they Oops! forget to gas up or clean the mirrors to have a clear view over what is happening etc. Result? Missed deadlines, bad morale in the team, lost business, sick leave, you name it.

A client described their meeting-cars like this: “It’s an old double decker with square wheels and 5 people behind the steering wheel. Every passenger looks in a different direction. Imagine the chaos!”

Yes, I do 🙂 That is why I put together this guide for better weekly meetings. It includes: ​
recommendations for preparation
strategies for during and after the meetings
a printable checklist of most important points
I wish you productive meetings!