We educate changemakers

Our students

At Knowmads we are a tribe. Our tribe includes students, the council, our advisory board, partners and anybody who feels connected and contributes to our aim to initiate positive change.

  • Tribe 11

    The biggest Tribe ever at Knowmads started February 2015!!!

  • Tribe_10

    Tribe 10

    11 lovely inspiring people that started their Knowmadic year September 2014.  

  • Tribe_9

    Tribe 9

    By far the most awesome Tribe so far. We proudly present: TRIBE 9!

  • Tribe8

    Tribe 8

      We proudly present Tribe 8 to you. 12 lovely people who want to make a difference in the world. ¬†August 2013 – Sept 2014

  • Tribe 7

    Tribe 7

    8 (cool) new Knowmads joining our community from February 2013.

  • Tribe 6

    Tribe 6

    The young entrepreneurs making and building Knowmads from August 2012 – August 2013

  • IMG_4990

    Tribe 4

    Tribe 4 started in August 2011 as a very diverse group of students from many different countries and backgrounds.

  • Bildschirmfoto-2011-05-02-um-11_00_46

    Tribe 3

    Our third tribe, meet Jesco, Josef, Joshua, Jorinde and Peter. That’s a lot of J :-)

  • Bildschirmfoto-2011-05-02-um-11_00_46

    Tribe 2

    A small and solid tribe duo, Ditte and Roy

  • groupscopy-565x669

    Tribe 1

    The first Knowmads tribe started in 2010. They are special for they were the very first students who dared to be a changemaker.

  • IMG_5593

    Tribe 5

    Here you’ll meet the 10 newest Knowmads members. Tribe 5 started their change maker journey in February 2012.