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The staff members that make things happen at the Knowmads HQ

  • Pieter Spinder

    Pieter Spinder

    Email: Phone: +31 (0)6 814 90 700 Pieter is our fire starter. Wherever he goes he brings an abundance energy. He is a dad to his two great kids and adores his wife. He loves to make things happen, … Continue reading

  • 263375_10151431716506659_1245565866_n

    Jaron Reisman

    email: After a couple of years of Entrepreneurship in Online Payments, I decided that it is time to switch to a more balanced approach to my professional and private life. I experienced a lot about entrepreneurship, growing companies and … Continue reading

  • IMG_0936

    Jake Esman

    email: My wife and I have three children and that’s what it’s all about. In terms of work, I am JAKE; enthusiastic, excitable and energetic. I try new stuff and think independently.  I like new perspectives, but not for … Continue reading

  • Alex

    Alex Falk

    Alex is the newest (and oldest) contribution to Knowmads. He has held many different positions in a broad variety of industries. This has helped him to face challenges from many different perspectives and foster a problem-solving creativity. He uses this passion … Continue reading

  • IMG_0691

    Kim van Rijt

    email: Kim has a hand in many things at Knowmads, where she wants to make sure that creativity can happen. Laying down the basic structure, she creates a great working environment so that students can excel. Because creativity can … Continue reading

  • pic_tsila

    Tsi la Piran

    email: Tsila is our wisdom. She loves the world, people, cultures, music, open mindedness and openheartedness, courageous ideas, inspiration, and the color of blueberries. For 35 years she has explored human behavior, life philosophies, urban shamanism, complementary medicine, energy … Continue reading

  • IMG_3487-01

    Floris Koot

    email: Floris is our playful spirit and challenger of the system. He loves to play with possibilities and sees them everywhere. Helping others to also discover and experiment with them is one of his passions. As a kid he … Continue reading