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  • guus wink

    Guus Wink

    email: Guus is our hands-on energy guy. He likes to jump. If you need something to be done or are in need of some inspiring sparkle he’s your man. The last year he’s focussed his energy on the Knowmadic Learning … Continue reading

  • Liza Rubinstein

    Liza Rubinstein Malamud

    Gladly we present our youngest ambassador, Liza! “Knowmads makes me believe education can be personal. It is a new way of education that understands that who you are as a person directly relates to who you are as a professional. … Continue reading

  • Godert van Harderbroek

    Godert van Hardenbroek

    email: The Knowmads approach of learning by doing is something I really believe in. I’ve seen the students there blossom once they find their own mojo, their own direction. The reason they find this is because Knowmads is a school to … Continue reading

  • floris b

    Floris Bkrs

    Floris is an entrepreneur. He has two sun tanning studio’s in the south of the Netherlands and he sublets appartements. His passions are boxing, skydiving, doing business and buddism. He dreams of being happy with wife and children, but also to … Continue reading

  • roelvandenberg

    Roel van den Berg

    Roel is curious, result driven en brings loads of energy. His curiosity gives him a unique view on the world. He uses this every day in his assignments as projectmanager, and co-creates often with managementteams and boards. He’s a top level strategist … Continue reading

  • image002

    Niels Willems

    email: Niels [dot] Willems [at] businessopeners [dot] nl The opposite is also true

  • sharona2

    Sharona Ceha

    email: Sharona is co-initiator of duurzaam drijvend wonen, partner in Be Vital Cooperation and working with the initative Neighbour Goods Amsterdam, Haarlem at Nw initiatief: Future Food Court.

  • marceldefinitief

    Marcel Armand Kampman

    email: – independent creative director/consultant/inspirator/motivator/initiator – creative director Picnic Festival – coordinator/lecturer of the study Interactive/Media/Design at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) – founder/creative director Mastermundo creative gathering – founder/creative director Texelse Boys Foundation – board member of … Continue reading

  • fokke

    Fokke Cornelis Wijnstra

    email: – Strategist Finext – Rijnlander DeLimes – Bewonderer @ Berckeley Square (member of the board of bewondering) – co-worker in a lot of networks, check

  • sydneylevinson

    Sydney Levinson

    Sydney Levinson is a partner with Rhodes & Rhodes, Chartered Accountants with over 20 years experience in instilling a sense of business into the Creative Sector, Social Enterprise and Social Innovation. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, he … Continue reading

  • martincadeekaospilots

    Martin Cadée

    The Knowmads bring something we need so much in our society right now: HOPE! Anyone who is awake can see that we are in dear need of new ways, new solutions. More of the same doesn’t work anymore. Acknowledging and … Continue reading

  • neil-crofts

    Neil Crofts

    email: Our future is uncertain and we have done much that makes it less certain. Our children and their children will have to behave differently if human society is to have a future. We, who are responsible, must give … Continue reading

  • ynzovanzantengreeninc

    Ynzo van Zanten

    name: Ynzo van Zanten position: Advisory board member Working with Knowmads is always a refreshing surprise. You never know what you’re going to get, but the outcome tends to always exceed the expectation. Creative people, who don’t take themselves too … Continue reading

  • moravec2

    John Moravec

    I am delighted to team up with Knowmads! Knowmads transform ideas about the futures of work, school and society into entrepreneurial action. As truly global students, they learn, work, play and share in almost any configuration, and under any circumstance. … Continue reading