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An Open Evening to find out what Knowmads is all about. Come to have all your questions answered!

June 25-26: Design Thinking Masterclass

Grab tickets now because there are only 4 spaces available!

In this participatory workshop, step into a design thinker’s shoes to face a challenge that will lead to realization of a final prototype.

Create Innovation by Involving People

Every company, small, medium and large, knows that innovation depends wholly on listening to the people who consume the products.

Why? Because products, service ideas and processes are commercially successful when they meet a real – or perceived – need of people. From here the mantra “let’s get in touch with customers” or “let’s hear the voice of the client” emerged. However, the final users often struggle to define what their needs are or to imagine new solutions.

Design Thinking answers this dilemma: Creating a multidisciplinary team to gather information, invest in creative idea production, realize fast prototypes using a set of techniques, and design methods that empathize with the people for whom they are designed.

In this participatory workshop, you will be invited to put yourself in a design thinker’s shoes and face a mini-challenge that will lead to the realization of a final prototype.


● What Design Thinking is: origins, areas of application, fundamental assumptions and guiding principles

● Phases and Tools of the Design Process: inspiration, ideation, implementation

● Design Mini Challenge: step-by-step exercise from the initial challenge to the final test

What You Will Learn

● A general overview of a design thinking process

● To adopt an empathetic design approach and to approach people’s needs

● To learn about the most suitable techniques and tools

The course is a learning-by-doing opportunity for those who deal with innovation in both profit and non-profit sectors, those who work in Communication, Marketing, Human Resources, Research and Development fields, and for start-uppers who intend to design products, services and processes aligned with the aspirations of people for whom they are designed.

See the EventBrite page or the Facebook event for info on the workshop schedule! This is a 1.5-day experience.


*Day 1: Monday June 25 – 10:00-17:00

*Day 2: Tuesday June 26 – 10:00-13:00

*Total cost: 148.90 EUR

July 30: Insight Night

Are you ready for a breakthrough in your life? Curious about Knowmads?

Attend one of our creative business school’s free themed workshops and leave with all kinds of electrifying insights: about yourself, your dreams, your professional life, and how to get where you want to go.

From 19:30-22:00, Knowmads welcomes you for the workshop, a chat and a drink in which you’re free to ask anything about the 6-month program. This is an opportunity to learn more about why we do what we do, and how we co-create education with our Tribes of students. Welcome home!

Themes that we will be working with:

  • Starting Up a Project
  • Values
  • Purpose & Direction
  • Developing Ideas
  • Connecting with yourself and others

The theme will be announced closer to the date, so get excited!

Only 30 spaces are open, so be sure to sign up using the form below!

For the Facebook event, click here.


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