Where are they now? Alumnus Duy vu Dinh

Where are they now? Alumnus Duy vu Dinh

Duy was part of Tribe 4 (fall ’11 till spring ’12). During his Knowmads year, he started his freelancing business in video making and photography. Starting out, Duy says, he was still focused on too many things and didn’t feel the necessity to really go for it.

That changed during March ’15, when he lost a job he had on the side that provided him with stability. The loss in pay required him to quickly make a choice. It was stressful and it became the impetus he needed to really go for it. He chose wedding photography. Ever since making that decision, it’s been going great. He got his first wedding client 2 month after making the decision. All the tentative clients that were still uncertain at the time came through. And now is almost fully booked for the whole summer.

Now, Due is a photographer with a focus on weddings and people. What he loves most about his work is the connection he gets to make with the model. From this connection, he can really make them shine in the photograph. His company is called VUDINH PHOTOGRAPHY. You can find him here and book him for you wedding or photo shoot. Just know, he is in high demand!

Two main things he has taken from his time at Knowmads are (1) the ability and confidence he has to make a connection and form a relationship with someone quickly; and (2) the awareness of the importance of having a warm and caring group/environment around him. Great life lessons if you ask us. All the best Duy!

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