Where are they now? Alumnus Marcel Rasche

Where are they now? Alumnus Marcel Rasche

Marcel was part of Tribe 6. Before Knowmads he studied engineering and worked at Siemens. Entrepreneurial as he was, he tried starting a business while writing a PhD thesis.

Something was off. So he quit both endeavours and joined Knowmads. During Knowmads he figured out that, while he did like entrepreneurship, the role he liked best was changing the world by communicating an idea.

He also learned to filter through the bullshit and feel what’s important in life. His life. He went through a lot of unlearning of unnecessary and unhealthy behaviour. Things he was doing because of the wrong reasons. Not because he was drawn to it. He developed a compass.

He graduated in august 2013. Afterwards he started trying out many different things. And after playing with it during his time at Knowmads, he found out the thing that is most pure for him is acting.

And even after all those lessons about what it is he wants to do, he noticed life gets cluttered again. It’s quick to fill up with the wrong stuff. He said it was great that he could hang out with Bas (his old Tribe-mate), to just be and let all the clarity of what’s important come back.

At the moment he has stopped everything to pursue acting. He is applying to different big drama schools. He was in a podcast about change making called Einfach Machen (Number 3 is about Knowmads and it’s half English, half German). He is looking for more acting work and is excited to produce interactive fiction VR-movies!

Check out his acting on:
If you want to dig into his entrepreneurial past:

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