Where are they now? Alumna Rena Molter

Where are they now? Alumna Rena Molter

Rena is on a mission. The mission to create a culture of care and happiness. A mission of joy, inner peace, and communion. She sees so many people being super unhappy with their work. Rena is fed up with the high numbers of work-related burnout and depression amongst her generation. She believes that a lot of it has to do with how we relate to our co-workers and that taking good care of ourselves is especially difficult within the culture our society and many workplaces provide. She believes that this can be much better and she puts a big part of her energy in changing this.

On meeting her, she strikes me as the complete opposite. She beams energy and happiness. She also loves what she does. Together with her business partner Leoni, she started a company that creates so much energy and positivity. She’s seemingly unaffected by the forces that keep us ‘mere mortals’ down.

She’ll admit however that, underneath the surface, a lot of the same processes are at play for her. A whole list of things actually. Work is important to her. That makes her work way too hard sometimes. That also makes her worry that she’s not doing enough. She can also have the idea that she has to have all the answers. Or that asking for help is a weakness. And of course, while new things are fun and exciting, they’re also scary.

How is it that she’s still standing? There are a few reasons. Firstly, she has the tools to build up a great working relationship with her business partner. Together they developed collaborative awareness and are able to use stress for clarity. Rena’s work is connected to her personal mission. And she has the capacity to reflect on herself and has the courage to act on what she sees.

Let’s rewind the clock a bit and look at her story to see what that means.

Tools & Working Relationship

Rena was part of Tribe 10 at Knowmads, graduating in the autumn of 2015. During her Knowmads year, she got into contact with the ‘Blueprint of We’ through one of the Knowmads workshops by Doris Gottlieb. The Blueprint of We is an easy tool to improve (work-)relationships. In short: it creates awareness and gives a language to how you are, what’s important to you and what you need when under stress. Eventually this can lead to new auto-pilot reactions to stressy situations that actually get you out of the stress. Rena wanted to learn more about it and took the ‘Blueprint of We facilitation training’ with the creators in the U.S. online.

During the Blueprint training Rena and Leoni met. Halfway through Rena’s Knowmads year the two of them were invited to join Contorno Consulting (Doris’ company at the time). And were being trained to be ‘Genuine Contact Professionals’.

After working together at Contorno for more than a year the time had come for them to go out and to start Over The Moon. Their own company. Still figuring out how many things work. Luckily they had learned to move smoothly through the ups and downs with each other.

The Mission

At Over The Moon they believe that being happy at work comes from two important factors: relationships and achievements and both are closely connected with each other. So they support teams in really looking at what is and in creating a culture where people can be vulnerable, creative and where they can shine.

They believe that people that feel good also make the world better. Happy people are more helpful and generous, cope better with adversity, deal better with stress, get sick less often and have a positive influence on their loved ones.

What is vs what could be

The last year has been an unexplainable ride to Rena. With Over The Moon she has offered workshops in companies and organised learning experiences at festivals and events. It’s been amazingly fun and it has – even in the first year – been quite successful. While at the same time scary and stressful at times.

Everything they did was custom made. And that took a lot more time to design and prepare which meant that they had to work a lot. And it was already hard enough to leave work with such a big mission alone.

That resulted in not having much of a life besides the work. Rena realised that this didn’t work for her. She missed the companionship she had with friends and family before. To get that life back she needed to be vulnerable and call up the people she had said no to so many times when they invited her.

Doing so many new things feels quite risky to her. There’s just no guarantee that it will work out. It might seem like a good plan before. But how to be sure? And what if it fails? Can that happen? Rena’s been able to shift her viewpoint on this though. One powerful sentence: Strive for perfection, while accepting the now.

Over the Moon

Through all these experiences Rena has come out stronger and more capable in handling ups and downs. Going through all the facets of setting up a company and working so closely together makes her understand the tensions of business and people and people in business even better. This makes her continuously better at her work. She sees big opportunities in developing better, healthier and more fun relationships and at Over The Moon they have the perfect tools to do this. Everyone that wants to experience this, please contact them!

Over The Moon focusses on building resilient, connected teams, prepared for high performance. They offer retreats, workshops, e-learning and coaching. They do this with brightness and lightness, bringing a sense of adventure and joy back to learning.

Contact Rena to meet her and to work together.

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