Non-Violent Communication Day Course

Non-Violent Communication Day Course

Non-Violent Communication Course for Changemakers & Social Entrepreneurs

Time: 6 Thursday evenings 18.45pm – 22.15pm
Dates: 6 – 13 – 20 April – 11 – 18 – 25 May
Trainer Loes Berkhout, Verbindwerk
Location Knowmads Business School, Amsterdam

Non violent communication is a successful communication and transformation method based on universal human needs. This method empowers you to relate to yourself and the world around you in an authentic and compassionate way.

Non violent communication is based on the world wide known work of the American psychologist Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. He developed a simple and effective communication method which brings clarity and connection in human interaction. The main question is: what really matters to people in their life (work, family, development etc) and how can we use that as a starting point in our conversations, relations and cooperations?


  • Insight in and application of universal human needs in conversations
  • Understanding of and skills to deal with conflicts
  • An extremely simple interaction model for challenging situations
  • More peace, overview and clarity in yourself
  • Enhanced ability to listen deeply to others
  • More understanding and compassion for others
  • Understanding strategies and finding more creative ones
  • Grow in the quality of self compassion
  • A sharped perceptivity
  • Enhanced experience of choice and ownership
  • Effective ways to express yourself honest in a way people can really hear you
  • Improved ability to authentically encourage and engage others in your cause

This workshop is especially focused on groups or individuals who are putting their heart and hands out to contribute to the world around them. Change makers, social entrepreneurs, eco warriors, peace builders, consciousness coaches everybody who is actively making a positive impact on this planet.

The course will be given in English, exercises in groups can be done in Dutch if desired. The course is build upon exciting theory and most of the time is spend on practicing in the group or in subgroups. You can get the most out of this course when you are open to talk about your own experiences and willing to share situations that you like to work on. I might bring one of two nvc-community colleagues to assistent.

Loes blauw 2 (1)ABOUT THE TRAINER
Loes Berkhout. 31. Psychology. Anthropology. Living in Driebergen. Loving NVC 7 years. Wishes to help embody consciousness and compassionate communication in the heart of people and organisations.

Work Values: Humor. Depth. Safety. Vulnerability. Play. | | 06 18 40 39 72


Time: 6 Thursday evenings 19.00pm – 22.00pm
Dates: 6 – 13 – 20 April – 11 – 18 – 25 May
Location: Knowmads Business School, Ferdinand Huyckstraat 62, 1061 HW, Amsterdam
Fee: €295,- per participant – €245 for Knowmads Alumni – €195,- for Knowmads Students. Prices include VAT and Coffee, tea and materials.
Sign up: Registration can be completed by ordering a ticket here via the website of Loes Berkhout.
Dinner before: A healthy meal can be arranged for you for all days for an additional €35. Of course, you’re also free to bring your own/eat before.

Sign up for the course through Verbindwerk



‘‘ I had a difficult conversation with a male colleague. The moment I would have normally ran away, I chose to stay.  I focussed on how he was feeling. Amazing how the conversation took a radical positive turn.’’
Student after 1 day of NVC

“I’m very sure that when I master this proces, I can handle all challenges in my life.”
Student training NVC for professionals

“The world is ready for a new generation of teachers like Loes.”
Ronnie Horstman, director Kraaybeekerhof

“I applied NVC technique to mediate a heated emotional argument between neighbors and it worked. That was so fucking awesome.”
Coco Harmsen, Tribe 14 Knowmads