My First Blogpost

My First Blogpost

Quite speechless, that’s how Knowmads leaves me.
Quite calm and serene, that’s how I leave Knowmads.
Sitting during the tribal trip, on the bed, in front of the window.
Trees outside are looking at me, the Sun peeks through.
Just as I fully let go of things, relaxed and tired,
I was caught by an endless big stream of true love:
love without an opposite.

This year, Knowmads was the right place to be for me, no doubt about this.
And it was a beautiful storm, which lead me to the middle – to the Eye.

I just want to say: if you’re exploring the option to spend a year at this beautiful place of magic,
the School of Life, pay a visit. And join if your belly tells you so.

now officially called Knowmads Alumna,


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