Meet Jonathan: The Faces of Tribe 17
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Meet Jonathan: The Faces of Tribe 17

Here we present Jonathan, 23, from Venezuela. What does he think of his journey so far? What is his wisdom and advice?

Life Purpose?

I wasn’t sure about the things that I wanted to do [in life]. Before Knowmads, I was studying psychology; I was having a one-direction life. I spent five years  in the university, later on getting work. It was not fulfilling for me; I was doing this work because I thought maybe society or my family wants this for me. I was not really doing the things that I like. And [the trick to this] is that you can really do the things that you like, but of course with the correct tools not to fail in the process. So that’s why I applied for Knowmads. Now I’m discovering these tools for the project [and] life that I want.


I will put my hands to work (learn by doing), so that I can get experience and later on reflect, “I’m doing this”, and understand why they told me what they told me. If I fail for any reason (because we are humans), they give me this sense of feedback.

This is one of the things missing in traditional schools. You fail, and they tell you you’re doing it wrong, but they don’t tell you what you’re doing wrong. Here in Knowmads, [this feedback] actually happens. When you do something nice or get something wrong, they really explain to you what is going on in the context, in the core of this action. And you can improve like this.


I would commend firstly, the freedom you have at Knowmads. The freedom of expression.

Freedom doesn’t mean that it’s just a group of rebels, that they want to get out of the system; that they don’t want to follow guidelines. It’s not true. I feel that freedom gives you the tools to have a very authentic, creative, fresh thought [process]. So this is what I think you really need for encouragement later on in life, to create something new; to put something new in the world.

Here at Knowmads, I’m sure that you can discover this.


I feel that the sense of partnership, of leadership; friendship, described by the name that they call your group, Tribe, that we are correlative, interconnected to each other; it really makes a difference. I love it here, really.

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