Life is short, shockingly short. Time to start living!

Life is short, shockingly short. Time to start living!

Life is short.

After awhile, you wake up one morning and go “Does this even make sense at all?” You look in the mirror at the dark circles under your eyes. Were they worth it?

Are you really living, or are you just alive?

All of a sudden, your eyes widen and you’re seized by an uncontrollable feeling of potential and creativity. How does it feel when you’re doing something you absolutely love to do, that feels effortless like water, that you could do for hours? Maybe it’s something simple, doodling on a scrap of paper. Maybe it’s gardening, teaching an eager crowd your knowledge, or flying down a mountain on a pair of skis.

Keep that in your mind. Now listen to me. Why on Earth are you living a life devoid of that one thing? Of the joy it brings you, of the gifts it imparts to the world? “It’s not practical?” Life is short.

How short? I’ll show you. (This focuses on the U.S. specifically, but the data is not too off the mark for the rest of us).

What stuck out to you?

We spend an average of twelve years of our lives at work: “If you’re working a job you hate, that’s twelve years of your life gone.”

Technology addiction: “If you’re in the habit of constantly checking your phone or going home and watching TV on the couch all day, and you don’t really enjoy these activities, that’s another 10 years of your life gone.

This is not to be pessimistic, but rather to alert you to the fact that it’s your chance, your time, and your responsibility to incorporate the things you love into your daily habits. Design a life that allows you to do these things as much as possible, as long as possible.

If you don’t know how to achieve this or even what those things are, don’t fret. Wouldn’t you rather invest a short amount of quality time exploring what possibilities exist for you, ripe for the picking, than investing twelve or more years into something you hate? Wouldn’t you like to grow? Start now. When you’re in retirement and happy and still going, your future self is going thank you. Your family is going to thank you. All the people whose lives you’ve touched are going to thank you.

At Knowmads, that exploration is done through a framework of five important life questions:

If you are ready to invest this time into knowing yourself, prototyping the life of your dreams and trying it out, we encourage you to apply now for Knowmads’ next upcoming program. Where you decide what skills you want to learn, and with your group design a curriculum for workshops given by experts in their fields. Where you have a Tribe of people all going through the same process as you, to uplift you, challenge you, and support you. And a rich community of trainers, coaches, and 100+ alumni to cheer you on and collaborate with you.

We hope you’re moving closer to your ultimate dream every day. And we hope that you see part of the dream as getting to do what you love every day, with uninhibited passion, creativity, and truth. May you burn with ambition and aliveness. And may each day be used for your highest purpose.

To a beautiful 2019, in which you spread your wings.

*Video courtesy of Freedom in Thought.

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