Letter to a lost genius – by Adelya
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Letter to a lost genius – by Adelya

One day you will start painting your own path, deciding yourself whether you go left… or up …or backwards… and until then you are acting in the theatre where maestro di capella owns your actions and thoughts. Following the fears, running for hopes, catching, gaining, hunting.

Until you ask yourself: what a heck am I doing?
Is not a part of me slowly dying?
Am I not saying half-yes to my life and dreams and happiness.
When was actually the last time when I really said fully YES to myself?
When was I completely in peace with myself?

It is now THE TIME to leave that trap behind and search for a REAL YOU! Real YOU to find your place in your world. Real you is a gift, don’t hide it! Have the courage to believe in yourself. Step in…

Written by Adelya Zakirova – Tribe 14

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