What We Learned About Sustainability
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What We Learned About Sustainability

Knowmads Hanoi is Knowmads Amsterdam’s Vietnam-based sister school. There, Teams of students (the Hanoi equivalent of our Tribes) embark on a 6-weekend learning journey through the 5 main questions.

Sustainability is one of the main topics that we discuss in all of our programs.
Here are some reflections we’d like to share with you after much learning and reflection.

It is not just about the environment.

There are actually three main pillars in Sustainability: Social, Economic, and Environments. True sustainable solutions therefore have to take into consideration of all these three areas together. For example, one of the biggest environmental challenge we are facing today is the amount of plastic being dumped in the ocean; it is estimated that there is a garbage truck of plastic entering the ocean every minute of every hour of every day. And yet we cannot hope to fix this problem by simply cleaning everything up. Check out the surprising systemic solution by an organization called The Plastic Bank; their approach incorporates aspects from all three areas for a true sustainable solution!

Collaboration is key.​

Because Sustainability is such a complex problem, no one person or organization or nation can do it all. Partnership and collaboration is key if we want to move toward a more sustainable future together. That is why on September 25th, 2015, the United Nations set a collection of 17 global goals that is called the Sustainable Development Goals. These goals have been adopted by 193 countries with the hope of achieving all of them by 2030!

Real change starts with myself.

It is important to recognize that each of us has a part to play in this challenge. On the individual level, it is not about saving the world, it is about changing my own mindset. I have become more conscious of how much plastic I’m using and taking the effort to reduce it. I also pay attention not to waste energy or buy things I do not need. And above all, I’m trying to increase the awareness about this topic. The only way to change the world is for each individual to change themselves.

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