Knowmads Labs

The Knowmads Labs are changemaking-education courses we offer around the world. Taking years of experience in supporting the unfolding of changemakers, we custom-design a journey of 2 weekends to 12 weeks for the local context, working with local changemakers and facilitators.

In any Knowmads Lab, students will be supported to realize their personal journey to their passion and purpose and bring it into action.

Based on the 5 Knowmads questions, each Knowmads Lab will have a focus on one or several of the main topics:

  • • Who am I?
    Personal Development
    • In what world do I want to live?
    Sustainability & Social Innovation
    • What do I want to contribute/change?
    Personal Leadership
    • How do I create the organisation/project to get it done?
    Entrepreneurship & New Business Design
    • How do I bring it into the world?
    Marketing & Creativity

Knowmads Labs are intense journeys and highly impactful on a personal and professional level. Participants will dive deep into their personal questions together with their team and come out with a finished personal project.

More info and all Labs can be found at

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