Visa & Practical info

If you are a citizen from the EU/EEA countries or Switzerland you are allowed to enter the Netherlands without a visa and are allowed to work.
If you come from Romania or Bulgaria you can also stay in the Netherlands if you find work within 3 months. Your employer does however need to apply for a work permit (TWV) for the first twelve months of your employment. A work permit is not needed in the case of self-employment. (ZZP)
If you are from Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, Vatican-city, South Korea, New Zealand and United States of America you can enter the Netherlands without an entry visa (MVV) for 3 months. You are required to report yourselves at the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) and if you are planning to stay, to file an application for a residence permit for the purpose of your stay e.g. partner, self-employed, employment, study. This will require some extra money, effort and research from your part. Furthermore we strongly advise you to request a residence permit prior to your arrival, otherwise you risk the rejection of the application after settling down in the Netherlands. You are also allowed to be employed when you have an employer who applied for a work permit.
If you have another nationality you always need to apply for an entry visa (MVV) before you enter the Netherlands.
Please bear in mind that Knowmads can not apply for a work permit for you or invite you for a study. The applications for non-EU nationals can be filed for the purpose of self-employment. Under the current regulations it is quite difficult however to obtain such a permit. Therefore we strongly advise you to already start investigating your options in your home country and to file the application after a consultation with Knowmads and with the Dutch consulate in your home country. What will it cost me? 

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