Knowmads Pilot Program in Cape Town!
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Knowmads Pilot Program in Cape Town!

So… want to hear a little something something about how Knowmads are doing on the South side of the world?  Knowmads Amsterdam Alumni Sorrel Carmichael, Cecile Honigman (Tribe 12) and Daniel Reisman (Tribe 7) are in Cape Town, South-Africa to run a pilot Knowmads program! 

Let’s start with the message…. if your a lover of alternative education, Cape Town is becoming the place to be! We have found we are not the only innovative business school looking to take root in the mother city. Others can feel the entrepreneurial spirit here too. So we have lots of interesting people to connect with, a market to create and we are so ready for the challenge.

So far we have run three workshops on the topics; ‘Overcoming Challenges’, ‘The Art of Persuasion’ and ‘The Psychology of Money’. These have drawn South African’s and internationals from all walks of life with some wonderful feedback and some interest in our program running in May.

Yes… if you didn’t know – Knowmads Cape Town first program is starting on the 9th of May. We currently have 15 applicants and counting. They pop up on our facebook page, so please follow us (if you haven’t already). So looking forward to welcoming them into our space and creating an awesome experience together.
We have met some great coaches and facilitators, slowly but surely building up our trainers network. If anyone knows anyone who we could connect to and add to this list, a heads-up is always greatly appreciated.
Don’t get us wrong, it hasn’t all been easy. We have had some real communication issues and lets be honest, African time is a real thing. But considering the above, we have carried on regardless, done what we can, knowing we can only try our best. Whatever happens happens… and all that.
Looking forward to the month ahead and finding out with local partners how we can make Knowmads Cape Town sustainable, into the future, and beyond.

Peace, love and strawberries
Knowmads Cape Town
A.K.A Daniel, Cecile and Sorrel.

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