Knowmads is not a good school

Knowmads is not a good school

About 7 months ago, and 5 months after my graduation at Knowmads Tribe 6, I was travelling Southern Spain with the purpose of doing research for the founding of Knowmads Sevilla. In Malaga I met a friend I made travelling South America before joining Knowmads Amsterdam.

He asked me about my plans and being an experienced business man, he questioned the Knowmads education. He asked me what it was that I had really learned there.

I told him about the personal journey one undergoes and the real learning that happens when you begin following your calling. Noting that this didn’t convince him much, I concluded that I could never have undertaken a project like the founding a school without the preparation in Knowmads.

Here he interrupted me, saying: “The man that I met some years ago in South America could have done this without any hesitation. You grew a year older, but you had everything in you back then already.”

We discussed for a while, me contradicting him. I didn’t want to agree with him.

Months later I am in Amsterdam again, remembering this talk.
Now I admit, he was right. Knowmads did not make me a different man. Did not enable me to do anything I could not have done before. One could say, with my friend back then, Knowmads was not a good school.

The tricky thing; I didn’t know back then what I could have done.

What my friend saw in me years ago, I could not see. I thought that some great changes in me and revelations were needed to start taking action.
Knowmads made me see that it’s all quite simple, while not easy. You just need to do it – and that requires you either knowing you can or you being courageous enough to do it anyways.

For me, that’s the first step. All learning happens from then on. Before it’s just preparation.

Knowmads is not a good (or bad) school. It’s just a place where you can make the biggest breakthrough I can imagine – the one that you can do anything and that in alignment with yourself.

Ivo is an alumni of Knowmads, Tribe 6. He’s currently preparing the opening of Knowmads Sevilla, one of two Knowmads brances. You can contact him at and follow the development on facebook.

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  1. Inge elsman

    That is so beautiful! Isn’t that the core business of education: to show people what they have inside them..

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