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Knowmads Hanoi

Knowmads Hanoi started in late 2013 as a cooperation between Knowmads Amsterdam and the Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS). Knowmads Hanoi develops 7-week programs in the beautiful capital of Vietnam focussing on personal development and entrepreneurship.

From standalone workshops to weeks-long leadership programs, we offer learning experiences which invite participants to explore their inner world, reflect and discover more about themselves, engage in new ways of collaboration, and learn about their contribution in the world.

We work with individual, organizations, entrepreneurs, students and communities of learners – anyone who is seeking growth, meaning and positive impact.

For more information, check out, like the Facebook page for regular updates, and for stories and inspiration from Hanoi check out this short documentary below.

Knowmads Argentina

The main force that drives Knowmads Argentina is love. Our love for people, for our country and for Knowmads. Together, Knowmads alumni from Argentina began to think how we could make this dream come true. How we could integrate Argentina into the Knowmads network and benefit from each other, because we truly believe that Argentinians have a lot to offer to the community. Our main challenge was to capture the essence of Knowmads and at the same time, adapt it to our society.

We began sharing our dream with everyone we could. After a few conversations, we got in touch with Impact Hub Buenos Aires and they let us use their space to held the first program.  We had a space, now we need people to join.

Knowmads Argentina is now a reality. In late June 2018, we went through a two-day program where 12 people from different backgrounds stepped out their comfort zones to discover new and amazing things about themselves and how they connect to others.

It started in Buenos Aires, but we are going to facilitate the program in other cities of Argentina, such as Córdoba and Rosario, and even Montevideo (Uruguay). The Knowmads community is growing in Latin America and especially in Argentina.

We invite you to connect and step into the unknown. Get lost to find yourself. Argentina is waiting for you. Visit our website here (in Spanish; translatable) to get started!

Knowmads Bogotá (Colombia)

The first summer program in Bogotá Colombia (in Spanish) is an experience to facilitate connection with yourself and the world you want create. Our program is a launchpad for dreamers, thinkers, and people who want to create lives of meaning and purpose. Check out the Knowmads Bogotá website here!

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