Knowmads Friends

Our doors are open for pioneering, impactful companies and people like you! Knowmads Friends is a support network based on a value exchange framework.

Many companies have worked with us over the last seven years and we want to provide a more consistent and sustainable program for those who wish to connect to the new: the new way of thinking and working, and the new generation of (business) leaders, to see what we can grow together for a brighter, more sustainable future.

The Knowmads Friends Program is an opportunity for you and your team/company to get access to an international audience of thought leaders, experts, influencers and early adopters, and to meet like-minded companies. Welcome Home!


Free access to all public events (WTF Lectures, Movie Nights, You are a Movement etc.) which are organized 2 to 3 times a month. Max. 10 people of your company or your choice can join.


Once a year, one afternoon and evening (13.30-20.30) workshop on a theme/topic of your choice, at Knowmads Amsterdam. You can decide the theme of the workshop, we will design together with you and the workshop-giver/facilitator the content and flow of the workshop. Inclusive hosting, coffee/tea/cookies and dinner. Maximum amount of people of your company or choice 25.

Some examples of themes we can bring in and weave in with your needs and wants:

  • Horizontal Leadership in Practice – Leon Bedaux, VP KPN
  • The Fearless Monkey: How to Innovate & Initiate – Dennis Heijn
  • Reinventing My Organization – Alessandro Rossi
  • Values: How to Work on a Daily Base Accordingly – Pieter Spinder
  • Theory U in Practice – Flavio Fabiani & Pieter Spinder
  • Introduction to Non-Violent Communication


Once a year, a half-day meeting with all the Friends of Knowmads (13.30 till 17.00) to tap into the wealth of knowledge and skill sets in our network. Meet students, each other, and make connections, facilitated by Knowmads staff or outside facilitators. Part of the afternoon is reserved for pitching your (company) idea or project to each other and the students of Knowmads, to find possible next steps to work together with students on your idea or project. Drinks from 17.00-18.00 and coffee/tea/cookies included. Max 10 people from your company or your choice.


Once a year, use the space of Knowmads Amsterdam for your own event, workshop, or meeting, from 13.30-17.00, inclusive coffee/tea/cookies. Maximum capacity 50 people.


Be featured on our website as a Friend of Knowmads, with logo, picture of your contact person, and a short story why; plus every 3 weeks your logo in a newsletter. Newsletter goes to approximately 3000+ e-mail addresses.


Once a year, we will interview you and will publish your story on our website and Facebook page (7000+ followers) and Twitter (5000+followers).

Costs: € 5400,- ex VAT.

Contactperson: Guus Wink –

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