Learn about the path of Daniel after Knowmads.

Where are they now? Alumnus Daniel Reisman

Where are they now? Alumnus Daniel Reisman

After high school Daniel went travelling, during which he decided to never study further. He didn’t want to commit four years of his life to reading books, remembering facts and taking exams. He hated the idea of sitting still in a class and writing papers. He knew he is someone who just needs to get out there and start doing, learning on the way.

During his sales job at Greenpeace, he heard from a friend about Knowmads and knew immediately that is was the place for him, and everything he heard and read from then on confirmed this.

After Knowmads, Daniel left for Vietnam to support Guus Wink in building Knowmads Hanoi because it seemed like an amazing opportunity. He loves Asia and wants to work in helping others to have the life changing experience he had.

After living in Vietnam for a year (and having an incredible journey and learning experience), he decided to go back to the Netherlands. Before arriving, he received an email from a friend with the subject title “this is really something for you”. Which was a job vacancy for a sales manager at Vandebron, a green energy company. Indeed it was something for him. Lucky for Daniel, the recruiter at Vandebron knew about Knowmads and the alternative education it offers and was therefore particularly keen on Daniel getting the position.

After 6 months as sales manager, he was given the opportunity to start his own sales branch in Utrecht, a city near Amsterdam. So starting with just a budget, he found an office, employees, office supplies, designed a strategy and built a loving and close community in his office, just like he had had at Knowmads.

Daniel said that Knowmads helped him endlessly in building his branch to what it is now. He borrowed aspects of the community building strategies. He now has a strong sense of intuition about people and choices. He has a lot of empathy and understanding for his employees. His meetings are well structured and efficient. He can recognise good intentions and take responsibility for what he does and says without blame.

Daniel is taking the next step in his life and is leaving in March for Cape Town to build another Knowmads branch together with Sorrel Carmichael from tribe 12. He believes that bringing knowmadic education to new places is the most enjoyable and fulfilling work and a great way to give others life changing experiences.

Daniel says you can contact him for anything, he loves coffee and connecting.

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