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Just another week @ Knowmads

a blogpost about the knowmadic life by Jonas and Filippa – f*cking co-created and co-authored

2 days before our event for WereldWinkel on the future of fairtrade we thought it was time to run it by our coach. There is this thing with asking people for advice – they tend to respond and have opinions which happened once again. At 11 in the morning at an office in Utrecht we had to realize that the program had to be rewritten…again. Dammit!

Back at Knowmads we took out the big tools – flipcharts and tons of markers to make it simple and clear. Changing four questions might seem like a simple task but when Sinterklaas-celebration started at six we were just nearly done. Along the way Jonas tried to strangle Filippa and also proclaimed: "this is the most intense process in my life" without any connections between those two!

Dutchies seem to be quite keen on integration-thing so celebrating their christmas was called for. It might not have been entirely traditional but it did entail black people and alcohol. 3 hours later back in the meeting room we had to finish our work, now looking a tad bit different:

As part of integration-thing we are also learning something about Dutch geography though it might not be completely voluntarily. For a fairtrade dinner you will need fairtrade food and drinks; makes sense, non? Marlies and Filippa took a five hour ride through the beautiful plains and windmills of Holland to pick it up at WereldWinkel. Since Knowmads is also supposed to be a school Jonas and Eva had been granted a day off to have a workshop on businesscanvas. Wait, when did that become "having a day off" ?

The entire evening was spent cooking for the fairtrade dinner the following day, preparing the program and content while finally having dinner ourselves around eleven in the evening…

So finally it happened. Filippa got her debut on the big stage but with clothes on (think the classical stage-fright nightmare). People seemed to understand what Jonas was saying…most of the time anyhow. Eva and Marlies started considering a career in catering instead. But all in all the day was very successful with happy people all over the place. Info and harvest of the program will be online very soon, very soon indeed, but here is a teaser from ModelMinds:

In the middle of all the running around we accidentally said yes to presenting ourselves and Knowmads at Social Friday two days later. Bye bye days off which someone (no names!) might have regretted when returning from the Hub at eleven in the evening…again.

Wuhu, we slept in! Our first meeting of the day was at 11 in the morning on Skype with Roy and Ditte who had invited us to join their presentation for SocialFriday. At the same time we also had to realize that our What the F*ck Party was just a week away and work was supposed to be done.

More geography to the foreigners. We don't know if you know where Hoofddorp (good luck pronouncing it) is but we sure didn't. Apparently it is where SocialFriday happens which is a gathering of entrepreneurs of different sorts around presentations on new stuff with the theme of the day being new ways of learning. Just something up Knowmads' alley.

This time the presentation was almost entirely un-prepared and the slides divided on the train to Hoofd…something. It ended up in a powerpoint a la Pieter Spinder but a bit shorter and a game a la Floris Koot on new business-ideas. What do you think of the GlobalPlayground? We think it's intriguing.

By the way serving sushi at open events is the next step of hosting at Knowmads.

When you have done one presentation then why not do one more? It became SocialSaturday at Knowmads' Open Day with Pieter Spinder's real powerpoint-presentation and the real Floris Koot's game on new business-ideas. We were thrown in from the side as a bit of spice to present our experiences with the WereldWinkel assignment.

There was still some wine left when everyone had gone home and it is unsustainable to not use the resources our earth has given us. It ended up in a whole night of too much structure.

After a night of too much structure we sometimes end up being a bit tired and maybe having a headache or two, but harvesting needs to be done. Over fries and coke Eva proved very patient with trying to get the results from the discussion on fairtrade out of us which five hours later ended up in a mail capturing everything. Everything! And us going home to sleep…

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