Is joining Knowmads a crazy idea?

Is joining Knowmads a crazy idea?

Probably yes. Since I decided to join Knowmads, I realized how strange it was for everyone to receive this information. And to be honest I could see their point when they were raising questions such as ‘Are you going to quit such a good job?’, ‘You won’t even get a diploma??’ or the winning ‘Are you out of your mind?!’.

Indeed, it is a big step to take. You need courage to leave everything behind, even if only for a year. It is never easy to quit a job, return your beautiful apartment, say so many goodbyes and be far away from friends and family for such a long period. And I’m not even talking about financial and bureaucratic issues.

I was taught I had to study hard in order to find a good job and once I achieved it, I decided to quit and go to Amsterdam to study something I wasn’t even sure what. Maybe I was out of my mind.

But maybe not. There is a different perspective, though, which makes me feel like it was the safer decision to make instead of the risky one. And there is a simple reason behind it: I wasn’t feeling fulfilled.

I was working in a nice company, had nice colleagues and had a quite comfortable life. However, I was completely bored, I wasn’t being challenged and, even worse, I couldn’t see my contribution to make the world a bit less hostile and unequal. Maybe you don’t have this need and maybe your job fulfils you.. Lucky you!

I wasn’t that lucky, though. It doesn’t mean I wasn’t happy, but I missed something and I don’t like this feeling. I couldn’t see many options to solve this question and the few I did consider would almost necessarily include starting over, either changing my job or deciding to go back for my studies. So I decided to embrace the later. The main reasons were that I had no idea where to work in order to achieve all my goals and that my previous experience wouldn’t be valued in practically any other company.

‘Why not a masters degree then?’ you might ask.

Because I would continue working in the same or in a similar field. I do like it, but what if it’s not the one that will fulfill me? What if I’m passionate about something completely different and just don’t know it yet?

This questions gave me the courage to join Knowmads. ‘We educate changemakers’, they say. ‘What makes you shine?’, they ask. And I didn’t know the answer, which bothered me.

That’s why I joined it. To find out. To learn something about myself that I still don’t know. To challenge myself. To start over my life with new learnings, inputs and perhaps even values. To become a changemaker. To avoid the risky situation of never feeling fulfilled.

‘What if it doesn’t work?’, you might ask. At least I had a great year and met incredible people! How bad can it be for you?

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