Intuition – A story of personal learning by Rolph Tribe 14
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Intuition – A story of personal learning by Rolph Tribe 14

My story at Knowmads is one that is very different than the ones of all the studies I did before joining tribe 14. We’ve all been through it. Studying the normal way. Learning from books and lectures. It can speak to the heart but let’s be honest, most of it goes straight to the head. But the knowledge sitting there doesn’t answer the big questions. The questions coming from your core.

Who am I? What do I really, really want? What speaks to me? What makes me want to get up in the morning? And so many more…
What answers those questions? You can’t just look them up in a book or lecture.
But don’t worry. Just because it’s not written down doesn’t mean that you can find an answer on these questions. Ironically the answer is already inside of you, waiting to get out. But now we are getting to the hard part. From a young age we are trained in right or wrong. And in knowledge that can be looked up at any given time. But that’s not how this works. These questions might be quite global but the answers are not. They are yours and only have to make sense to you. So right or wrong does not apply nor are they set in stone. They change as you change. And secretly, change is what we do every day. So the trick isn’t finding these answers but letting them find you. Listening to your intuition is the beautiful way of naming this.

Working together at HQ

Now let’s get back to Knowmads.
Because it might sounds easy to just listen to your intuition but often it’s not. Your intuition is like a little seed planted deep inside of you. And like any normal seed it needs good conditions to grow. For a plant that might be good soil, moisture and rising temperatures. For me it was space in which I could be me, have time to say what comes to me and feeling safe among the others. This I found at Knowmads. With it’s odd workspace and with the ragtag group of people I call my tribe, Tribe 14.

One of the big examples of making space for intuition is one we do here every day. Twice a day actually. It is during check-in and check-out. We start and end every single day with a check. In the morning we stand or sit in a circle and we tell about our mornings or weekend or whatever pops up. We take lots of time for this, and that is the beauty. That way you can listen to the other tribe members telling their check-ins and still take a moment of silence to let the words come to you. And we repeat this at the end of the day with the check-out. By doing this every time it becomes a practice. So what first feel awkward to do soon feels very normal. And more and more you just let the words pop up in your mind and you will feel that they are truly you. And that is and will be the most powerful tool you’ll ever have to express yourself.
Say hello to your intuition, your inspiration, your true self.
Welcome home.

Written by Rolph Bentinck Tribe 14

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