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In the media

Sometimes other people connect to and write about us. Below you’ll find the links to web articles, magazine articles, and some interviews caught on video.


Knowmads filmed by Servus TV

Watch here a docu made by Arte TV. In German.

Arte TV ‘Slow Education’

Here you can watch a short docu, made by Arte tv who visited us in March 2014 ‘Studieren nach Chaos- Prinzip’

An article about Knowmads in the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Blog Jeroen Vissers

Jeroen Vissers writes (in Dutch) about his experience with working with four of our students. Read his blog here.

ACE Magazine

An article (in Dutch) in ACE Magazine, the magazine from the minor Entrepreneurship about Knowmads. Check out the article here.

Magazine Fastcompany

Fastcompany listed ‘Startup League’s Big 10′. Free or paid, online or face-to-face, U.S. or abroad–these (mostly unaccredited) programs aim to prepare you for the fast-evolving startup economy. -Check the magazine.

Reference in Nieuwe leiders

In an interview, Susanne Koenders, a manager at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, mentions being a fan of Knowmads. Read the interview -here (Page 20, in Dutch).


“We educate changemakers” – “wir bilden Menschen aus, die die Weltverändern”. Das ist der selbstbewusste Slogan der kleinen Wirtschaftsschule “Know Mads” in Amsterdam. Um diesem Anspruch gerecht zu werden, machen die Knowmads ungefähr alles anders als jede Uni. Lehrpläne für das einjährige Studium gibt es nicht, Prüfungen auch nicht, die Studierenden sollen hier in erster Linie herausfinden, was sie wirklich machen wollen. Der Name “Knowmads” setzt sich übrigens aus den Bestandteilen “know” wie wissen und “Mad” wie verrückt zusammen. Der Schulleiter ist deswegen auch weder überrascht noch beleidigt, wenn man zu ihm sagt, dass die Ausbildung etwas verrückt und chaotisch klingt. Er gibt einem recht und sagt: genau das brauchen wir in dieser unberechenbaren Welt. Kilian Pfeffer berichtet.

Listen to the mp3 (in German) of the recording here

Article in Brand eins.

An excellent article by Matthias Hannemann was published in Brand Eins, a German magazine.
You can find it -here, or download the -pdf

Knowmads in Korea.

We believe education is in need of change. In this we are not alone. Last month we were invited to the The Haja Creativity Summit in Seoul. One of our partners, KLM, supplied us with five tickets. We were of a bigger heart beat with schools like: Kaospilots, Schools without borders. Here we shared our insights in educational change. These schools share aspects like: action learning, put an emphasis on creativity, more transparency and student involvement in the creation of their education and last but not least entrepreneurship for a better world.
We shared stories on approach, the struggle for recognition and co-creative school development. If you want to get a taste what it was like, follow -this link.

Article in ODE|NRC

Ode, magazine for positive news, published an article on new ways of education and entrepreneurship. The magazine was attached to the NRC on November the 11th, the day of sustainability. Download the -pdf.

National NOS news about Knowmads

Listen and watch -here or watch the subtitled version -here.


An article was published in one of the biggest Korean newspapers. For all our Korean friends (and for people who want to challenge themselves;)) -View the pdf.


In June 2010 Springwise, one of the worlds leading sources on new business ideas, -spotted us!

Carianne en Sociale Media

Carianne als ‘vertegenwoordiger van de nieuwe generatie” een -interview door Sibrenne Wagenaar.

Marcel Kampman’s Blog

About creating a new Knowmads logo. [April 6th, 2010] -Link.
About his WTF Lecture @ Knowmads. [February 26th, 2010] -Link.

The Fifth Conference

Pieter Spinder and Knowmads: Is it a -business or a school.

178 Logo Workshop

Creating a logo based -on identity, theme and energy. (in Dutch)

Education Futures, by John Moravec

Knowmads take on KLM’s extended office. [April 24th, 2010] -Link.
John mentions he joined the Knowmads advisory board. [November 9th, 2009] -Link.
Wanted: 30 Knowmads [November 3rd, 2009] -Link.

Ode Magazine

Nieuwe school voor nomadische kenniswerkers. [December 2009] -Link.


Een-tweetje Pieter Spinder, Knowmads. -Interview by Guido Crolla.
Why Knowmads. -Interview by Guido Crolla.
Een-tweetje Anna Pauzenga. -Interview by Guido Crolla.
Een-tweetje Knowmads Brock Lemieux. -Interview by Guido Crolla.

Qpq Magazine

Interview with Pieter Spinder. [No. 1, April 2010, page 92]

Knowmads in “Binnenlands Bestuur”

A magazine for civil servants, -see the pdf.