Group therapy for people that are not crazy.

Group therapy for people that are not crazy.

What was it like to be part of a tribe?

Moving to a new place, everything was new. The start was hard.

This wasn’t the way I had built relationships before. Very intense and intensive.

You spend all day with these people. a lot of people were in the same boat, coming from somewhere and finding themselves in a new place together.

What effect did it have on you?

I found it quite exhilarating to get to know these people so well so quickly.

It was this strange place where people were sharing personal stuff.

We found out things about each other that old friends wouldn’t even come out to me about. It was unexpected. It was good, that especially had an effect on me. I felt a lot more comfortable in my skin.

What did you end up doing?

I had a strange experience, I floated around a little bit. I registered myself as a zzp-er and I went to work for Model Minds, a company started by fellow Knowmads. 

I was working with them, as a do everything type person, making flyers for them and organizing things.  Then after that I found a job at a bar, becoming very good at bartending.

After a year I moved back to England, to be back with my family. My dad was sick, so I was carrying a lot of baskets and making cups of tea.

Just this week I moved out to a little place in England with a friend of mine. We’re turning a cafe into a tapas bar.

What kind of things you learned at Knowmads that you still benefit from now?

What I’ve learned at Knowmads has been quite handy, especially in the way that I interact with people. 

It is the interpersonal stuff, listening to how people are talking and what is going on in the background.

I ended up doing business with more of a caring manner.

If someone is being very upset and angry, I think more about how to deal with that.

It’s all about having some actual concern for someone. If the chef is throwing stuff around, it helps to sit down and ask them what’s going on. Things seem to work out better.

This has been really useful within my company, speaking to the owner, speaking to my friend the chef. For everyone to try and have a much more honest conversation. Instead of getting angry with each other. 

How would you describe Knowmads in one sentence?

How many commas’s am I allowed to use?

When I was describing it casual to people offhand, I was saying to people: ’It’s like group therapy for people that are not actually crazy enough.’ You end up really close to each other.

My tribe especially was really about that. Two of my tribe members even ended up having a baby together!

We would sit around for hours at a time, discussing deepest and darkest fears. 

Or how we would talk about we didn’t care about some things.

Most of our day we spent having these challenging conversations.

We could’ve had meant to be working at something and it would just descend in a deep discussion on financial values and how we all felt about that.

It’s hard to find people to have these conversations with. 

Find Josef Maddox Lloyd at and @everjml.

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