Quirine: My first week at Knowmads HQ
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Quirine: My first week at Knowmads HQ

This first month flew by. While writing this blog it feels like the high speed train we are on, is slowing down for a second. Looking back, the first Monday is still a vivid memory. Let me tell you about this intense ride we all jumped on to. Starting with the Welcome Home Week.

It’s Monday morning and I arrive a bit nervous, but excited at Knowmads HQ. While I park my bike and listen to my morning jam on Spotify, I already see some people standing around a sign that says ‘Welcome Home Tribe 14!’. These must be the other tribe members. As I walk up to them, I can spot the same nerves and excitement in their eyes. After a first round of handshaking and names we joke about how most of us already forgot each others names. Than Vittorio, a guy from tribe 12, lets us know that the day is going to start. And two by two he and Wibke blindfold us and guide us to the Welcome Home ceremony. I’m not going to go in to details here, because it might ruin the magic for the next tribes. Let’s just say that Monday was introduction day, filled with name games, facts about each other and facts about Knowmads.

On day 2 we’ve met Tsila. She is also known as ‘the witch of Knowmads’, obviously in a good way. She is the spiritual guide to the tribes. With Tsila we peeled of the first layer of the onion, so to speak. We got to know ourselves and the other tribies a bit better.

Day 3 is a day Tribes 12 & 13 organized for us. Starting with a mysterious text on Tuesday, telling us to wear our most colorful outfits, to come to a certain location and at 09.09 we had to ask the priest when the ‘Holy Mass14237508_1273884639297397_4024012223197100826_n’ would start. I was the only one who came on time, so I had to ask the priest (Vittorio) myself. He gave me some extra info and when I tried to have a little conversation with him, all he answered was ‘Just walk’. A little bit weirded out, I decided to just go very slowly. When I got to the corner of the street luckily a few of my tribies arrived. We walked on, following the map, until we saw two other guys from Tribes 12 & 13 waiting for us. When everyone finally arrived they took us into the woods, where other tribe members were waiting for us with a Morning Rave. We danced the morning away with glitters on our faces check this link for a glance 🙂. Around 10.30 they gave us a new assignment, split up in groups and play crazy 88. Try to get as many points as possible by doing all sorts of crazy assignments designed to get you out of your comfort zone. When we got back together again a few hours later, we went on a boat trip through the canals. Ending the day with some beers and going for a swim.

Day 4; on this day we peeled of another layer of the onion getting to know each other even better by playing games. One of these games was an improvising game. In groups of 3 we were challenged to think of a play (we were given some lines) in 10 minutes and to act it out in 2 minutes. After playing they gave us a genre, and told us to act out the same play but in that genre. No thinking, no talking to each other about the genre, just do it! All to see how we responded to one another.

The last day of the first week, day 5, Peter Spinder, one of the founders of Knowmads, introduced himself and his thoughts by answering questions we had. In the afternoon there was an initiation and a party to welcome us at night.

Week one was intense; new people, new environment, new ideas and lots of new experiences and memories.

Written by: Quirine van Willigenburg Tribe 14, read more on her blog here

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