Feeling at peace with yourself – Interview with Sorrel
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Feeling at peace with yourself – Interview with Sorrel

What is like to be a Knowmad?

To be a Knowmad is very inspiring and motivating, it’s a free space to try out new things and experiment!

Before I came to Knowmads I had a big fear of failing, I guess I will always have that feeling, but now the feeling motivates me to try really hard. I’ve tried a lot of things here, and I will continue to do so. I feel safe to make mistakes because I know I can learn from them.

I have found the being a Knowmad gives me a sense of peace with myself. I have realized how important it is to have confidence in yourself and to communicate well with others. It is really a school of life. It teaches you how to be happy in uncertainty, and it helps you to deal with whatever comes. I wish other people could experience this.

If everybody had the opportunity to go to Knowmads, it would take away so much depression, anxiety and stress. I would take away a lot of the loneliness that comes from not being understood.

And what is it like to be in a tribe?

I think it’s beautifully challenging. Some of my biggest learnings have been in trying to deal with people I would never otherwise have to deal with. You are always together and there are often conflicts but there is a lot of value in that. It’s very difficult, but you’re given the tools to help you. You learn to understand different perspectives very deeply. My tribe get along really well. Everyone opens up and shows their vulnerability. You get really close and everyone cares deeply for one and other.

What is your most valuable lesson in Knowmads so far?

I have learnt many lessons. One of them is that you don’t have to know everything to start. Because a lot of the time you learn on the way. I learnt the confidence to get things done from within and if you believe you can do it, you can just start and go and do it. Floris said, “the only answer to ‘How?’ is ‘Yes’!” You don’t know until you try.

And the other big lesson is probably the communication tools, how to receive negative and difficult feedback and comments in a way that helps you to understand where that person is coming from and not to be damaged by it.

What did you do before Knowmads?

Before I went to Knowmads I studied Anthropology at Cape Town University. Anthropology for me was really interesting, it taught me to write well and to be open and understanding and give me a wide perspective. But it wasn’t concrete enough.

You don’t learn that much at Uni. You learn to pass a test, you learn to do a certain thing in a certain way to get results. You don’t do it for yourself. When you get out of university, you do things for money. You begin to feel like there is no meaning to the things you do because you’re not doing it for yourself, or your own sense of achievement.

In Knowmads, nothing will happen unless you are proactive. In the end, you’re just here for you. It all depends on how much effort you put into your time here.

How does this affect your life now?

It will help me to deal with uncertainty and give me a lot of self-confidence. I feel brave and able to take risks and I want to give this gift to other people. My dream is to set up a school, I want to make something like Knowmads possible for others.

How would you describe Knowmads in one sentence:

A space to grow and develop yourself and your capabilities.

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