Tsila Piran


For thirty-five years I have been a spiritual guide, healer, and counsellor working to translate ancient practices used by humankind to improve itself into the modern world. I work with people who are willing to challenge their belief systems and the ways they were raised in order to get in touch with their true nature and empower them to make free choices to live from their highest potential.
I was asked  to join Knowmads  based on my experience with Kaospilots Rotterdam Students during their outpost experience in Israel in 2009. At that time, I worked with the students for three months on personal development. The experience was so positive for everyone that it was natural and inevitable that I  bring what I offer to the school that was emerging in Amsterdam.  Since then, I have been deeply involved in co-creating the Knowmads program as well as working with the students on their personal development and the group dynamic of the tribes. I come to Amsterdam four times a  year for several weeks each time to be with the students in both individual and group sessions.
In addition, together with Martin Cadée, we guide the students on a Nature Quest retreat. During this retreat, the students spend 10 days in nature. Each student spends three days and three nights on their own, in a solo experience with just themselves and the nature around them. This experience provides a life changing opportunity where they can get in touch with nature, themselves and their stories in a unique way.
I truly believe that spirituality and personal growth are essential part of education, that is why I am involved in quite a few educational innovations around the world.

Tsila Piran
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